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Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by IGotTheCottons, Nov 24, 2002.


Should There Be A YFFF?

  1. Yes

    0 vote(s)
  2. No

    0 vote(s)
  3. I Don't Care

    0 vote(s)
  1. Yeah why the hell not, i don't see any problem with it....may even give the offf a run for they're out...Sid
  2. Sounds fair enough to me!
  3. If you ever do get it started, I want to be the fairy princess of the group with my ablilities of fufilling fantasies and granting wishes!!!! LOL.
  4. ill be head of admissions..ya gotta pass the four foot bong, and tha smoke dome test..

    and just generally be a dopehead:D

    i put a video of me smokin in the new video forum:D i coughededed.
  5. YFFF trippa here
  6. my electorials for members, cottons, namron, flowerchild, phunkyphil, lets see, who else, i think we should base it on not jus whos been here the longest, but whos a frequent return member.
  7. I wouldn't mind it, but before we elect a YFFF pres we should come up with some basic criteria for membership, aside from being able to clear norm's bong, I suggest a age limit (I tend not to distinguish amongst such things but it is 'young farts and fartettes'), or maybe not considering the OFFFs don't have any definite restrictions. Maybe it would just be better if we started our little club and then simply maintained it like the OFFFs do with theirs. Either way I'd like the honor of being the Archduke of YFFF.
  8. yeah, i'd be up for a position on that board...
  9. certain limits could be cool... like having a minimum amount of posts (say 350?ish?), being generally fryed a lot (or just getting really fryed :hippie: ) lmao. 'cause afterall, this is a club for fryed farts and fartettes... hmmm... if anyone can think of anything i forgot or would like to make comments they're more than welcome to let me know :D when should the presidential vote be held? and who else would like to run?

    if i don't get elected president i'd also like to be considered for the position of chief advisor ;) seeing as how i'm a "know-it-all" LOL
  10. Must be able to handle church duties! Don't forget that one cottons!

  11. ;) :p
  12. i think its great the way it is...everyone has some sort of particular power..just a kickass stoner title..
    i love it..

    god im stoned..and i had a conversation with my father about warren sapp knocking the fuck out of home dude from green bay.
  13. so my title is

    yFFF Head of Admissions
    Pastor of Beaver Lick
    Honor Guard of Excalibong
    Smoke Dome Keeper
  14. Whatever happens I just wanna be the archduke of somethin-er-udder
  15. you could be archduke of the fertile plains of grasscity.
  16. KraziHare, archduke of happy memories, purveyour of stained matresses, keeper of the scary thoughts that mortals dare not think, he sees all and knows some of it, as long as my hair remains crazy hope will be alive.

    (This is the first time I've been stoned in a while, yeeeeaaaaah)
  17. we are all but the background extras in the movie of someone elses life.
  18. And just like background extras some of us are but the nephews and nieces of the producer of that movie called life.

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