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  1. Whats good GC? I recently just got a job at a Chicago-style Pizza restaurant called Buddyz in Mchenry, IL. Its on Green street. So if any of you blades live closeby, ill hook it up with a slice :smoke:

    I am a Barback there making like 3 dollars an hour (lol) plus tips, and the tips own. The restaurant is 2-3 minutes away, not even, from 2 different headshops one called Cloud 9 the other called All About It. Not a bad deal I'd say. Im hoping to maybe get a new dealer at work, most of the staff tokes, hell yeah :)
  2. Pizza is teh shit.

    People I live with made a pizza in a grill on top of this round stone, little burnt on the bottom but it was delicious.
  3. Sounds like you got it going on! I wish I could just head on over, but it would be a long flight from Hawaii to IL. Hopefully someone will live close enough, but the people on GC are chickenshits when it comes to introducing themselves thinking you might be a cop. I'm gonna meet "tharedhead" next summer cause I am going to see my kid in college then swing on up to meet him. Of course we are two MMJ users so it is more casual, but I am pretty sure he's not a cop anyways!!! So, good luck to meeting any GCers...
  4. Lol yeah, even im sure hes not a cop! I'd be glad to meet any blade without hesitation! Soo come on GC!!!
  5. sounds kinda far but i just got a job at the united center and no i dont get a discount on bulls or hawks tickets :(

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