Discussion in 'General' started by dr_krapp, Dec 4, 2003.

  1. Im happy cos i can roll good looking reasonable joints by hand now YEY

    no more roller for me :D it took 3 days of solid practising to get a high enough standard but i did it
  2. Cool, doc!!!! :D It feels good when you finally master the art of rolling, doesn't it? It'll make you want to roll all the time!!!
  3. lol its true, i wanna roll!!!

    i could do with another bowl/jay to be honest :smoking:
  4. Roll me a j, doc!!! C'mon, man...I want to get high!!!! :D
  5. argh ppl keep making me laf. and my thouhts bad, so i just end up coughing lol its annoying and funny
  6. aw im excited! excited for rolled joints! I was soooooo happy when I got the knack down to a T :) i love rolling j's now, but not as much as I can dig on toking em! :D
  7. well rolling even more fun when ur the only person out of every1 u smoke with who can do it, as we make sure every1 gets there share by what they put into it
    Rolling<<look its the top one!


    and its usuly all mine anyway but. YEY! i love the idea that when any1 goes, can any1 roll? i can say ME! lol
    im overly chuffed

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