Yet visit rec dispensary?

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  1. Who else on this web board has to this point ever visited a legal recreational marijuana dispensary? (like not a medical only cannabis dispensary) What state?

    What about a legal weed smoking lounge?

    Am guessing only small numbers have to this point with most states still illegal?
  2. I have. They're popping up all over now. Also one store have ounces almost as cheap as street deals. I usually just buy clones and seeds from the stores though. Sometimes a gram of live resin or a preroll.
  3. Sade what state?

    I've been to dispensaries in Nevada and California. Only lounges so far in San Francisco.
  4. Colorado resident here. Visit rec dispo's pretty frequently.
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  5. I live in socal.
    There are hundreds of legal and medical places with an hour drive.

    I have visited dozens of them.

    You have to be 21.

    Some have pretty cool lounges you can smoke in, it will be like a bar setting. Like a coffee house.

    I personally prefer delivery, as I have a busy schedule.
  6. So-Cal here...been to DOZENS
    They're everywhere
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    Nevada, Cali, Colo, Maine, Oregon, Washington....
  8. California, Humboldt county
  9. no, I don't
  10. Unfortunately there are not recreational retail shops in Michigan yet. Only medical...... There will not be recreational shops until next year.
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  11. Been to a bunch of them -- i don't have a med card so I never went until it was Rec legal. Lounges, I've never been to ... Not sure I'd want to, tbh unless it was with my friends. I think I read Vegas was supposed to get one but I don't think it's actually happening.

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