Yet another yellow seedling: Please share your opinion

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  1. Ladies and Gentlemen,
    I would like to apologize if the question was answered before, but I was not able to locate definite answer.

    This trio was put to soil August 9.
    So the one on the left - the unknown strain, found in a grinder, a flower smells like a real skunk. The seed was green and based on the combined wisdom of the Internet - not viable. Actually it was pretty weak.

    Second one with pink tag - a seed found in Phuket "brick" a year ago. It's brothers and sisters died before in peat tablets so I was positive it is not viable. Also started weak

    Third one with yellow leafs (actually they are yellow - it is not light, they are yellow) is the only one known strain - it is Nitro Lemon Haze from MSNL.

    Indoor Box 4x4 feet and 7 feet tall
    Light - LED - equivalent to 400 Watts 100 Watt full spectrum LED (single bulb E27 no fan)
    Soil - got in a forest - mainly surface (so I didn't dig a deep hole) and sterilized later in the oven.
    Water - I have my own reverse osmosis filter

    Long story short - the smallest dude was originally the most vigorous one - popped out 12-16 hours earlier. Grew like crazy and looked very promising. Suddenly stopped.

    The first leaves started to curl and then turned yellow in 2 days. It grew very little since it curled the first leaves.

    Stupid things I did with all of them - put them on balcony to the real sun sometimes. It was hot once
    My darling claims that I let it dry up (and I doubt that) but I watered the plant next day.

    So my question - what is it?
    And second question - should I get rid of the little guy and seed a new one?

    I don't think it is the soil - unlike crazy mixes in flower stores this is a real soil that carried real plants.
    No nutrients were added of any kind. Only heat and mechanically removed roots of other plants
    pH is according to my extremely precise device from Aliexpress (it is a joke) between 6 and 6.5 and two seeds that I thought were not viable so far thriving.

    So what did I do to the little dude? Why it might be stunned?
    The weakest in the past - grew roots already through the pot. The pink one seems to be doing well too

    Thank you all!

  2. Looks like the tips are trying to show nute burn....
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  3. If these were mine I'd ease them outta that crappy cup
    and insert to good quality soil in a 4 inch plastic black pot

    as the paper? sucks water leaving the soil to poisen the roots

    hence the Yellow ....but I'm not you!

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  4. Thank you for your feedback:
    Unfortunately I have no access to any hemp friendly soil - the law still very strict about the plant.
    The only thing sold in stores - flower soil that has nutrition profile like 16:16:16 and based on peat.

    Anyway I moved them to bigger pots (UK Gallon) with the store soil but for some reason I feel it might actually do more damage.
    But we shall see.

    Thank you again!

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