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  1. Ok,
    I think I got my soil mix worked out (10 cu ft total)

    50% pro-mix bx. (5 cu. ft.)
    25% aeration.
    (1 part vermiculite, 1 part perlite, 1 part buckwheat hulls, 1 part coir)
    25% compost. (1 part EWC, 1 part CoM builder, 2 parts Lobster)

    5# Granite Meal
    5# Azomite (powder)
    1/2 cup Gypsum

    2 cups Kelp Meal
    2 cups Alfalfa Meal
    1 cup Fish Meal
    1 cup Bone Char Meal
    1 cup Cottonseed Meal
    1 cup Soybean Meal

    10 gal ACT (2+ cups EWC, 1 tbsp molasses)

    I have a big compost tumbler to mix and "cook" the soil. I plan on turning it daily, will this shorten the time needed to cycle the nutrients?
    The compost tumbler claims to make compost in14 days, but I have yet to see that!

    I'm thinking I should add Menafee humates, but I am not sure on a proportion.

    I also have these things on hand

    Pro mix bx
    Sphagnum peat moss
    Buckwheat hulls
    Coir (shredded)
    Chip coconut

    CoM lobster compost
    CoM salmon, blueberry, old bark and manure compost

    Dried blood
    bone meal
    Alfalfa meal
    Soybean meal
    Cotton seed meal
    Granite meal
    Azomite (powder and pellet)
    Bone char meal
    Fish meal
    Kelp meal
    Dolomite lime
    Worm castings
    Bat guano 0-5-0
    Menafee humates
    Green sand
    Epsom salts
    Rock phosphate

    Liquid fish hydrosylate
    Liquid kelp

    Any help/suggestions encouraged.

  2. Your mix sounds solid bro. My only nit to pick would be I don't like vermiculite in pots. Your mix will start out on the hot side, so it would not be good for seedlings or cuts, but it should serve you very well......MIW
  3. Thanks, MIW

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