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yet another picture

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Cali_Toker, Mar 2, 2004.

  1. some of yall seemed to like pict of my last pict so heres another....i forgot who but someone on here suggest i turn my last batch into ashes so i took your advice, only problem is it made all my weed dissappear. But luckily im a natutal born problem solver so me being the quick thinker i am i just reupped and got more :)...... anyways heres a nug outta the current batch i got right now, not as good as the last but still some super bomb.... since im hella nice i turned the scratch and sniff feature on on my computer so if you scratch your monitor you can smell the nug, go ahead try it out.

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  2. smells delicious
  3. how do u get a nice detailed pic like that? i cant get my cam to do that, any suggestions? i have a sony cyber shot..3.2 megapixel
  4. i dunno man my roomate takes the pictures. Actually its with the same camera you have. I tried taking pictures myself and they come out all blurry. He just has skillz like that with a camera i guess.
  5. yea mine come out either all blurry or real bright to where u cant see shit. do u mind asking ur roomate for tips?
  6. yeah yeah same here, too blurry or too bright from the flash. I asked him bout some tips he said:

    use the macro function (the flower button) cause it helps focus on close objects

    hold steady

    and use a white back drop (we used our stove top since its white)
  7. is high times hiring photgraphers ? damn thatd be a dream job.

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  8. actually they are FIRING THEM !!! almost no weed pictures anymore, ANTI weed ads IN THE MAGAZING, and no more weed on the cover EVER!! Its turned into a really lame, i dunno even know what youd call it? Best description i can think of:


    with ugly chicks

    and boring articles

    and nothing guy nor drug nor fun related

    just a bunch of crap

    READ CANNIBUS CULTURE!! Straight outta VAAAaannnncouver! The city of dreams.

    (that is if your dream is to smoke some really good weed...)
  9. High Times just changed the magazine a couple months ago. Its more on the bullshit politics side of pot now. But to make up for it, they started a new magazine called "Grow America" that is just like the previous version of High Times with all the good pics and information that the hobbyist really wants to know. I'd compare Grow America to Cannibis Culture magazine. Both are awesome. I stopped buying High Times though.

    And for those who have a High Times subscription, but do not like the new layout of High Times, they will switch your subscription so you get Grow America instead.
  10. Looks like nice weed.

  11. is the macro button an actual button on the cam, or is it a setting in the menu?
  12. usually macro is under 'focus' on cameras.

    damn, nice bud you got there cali, hope I get my job tommrow, then I can start seeing a lot more of that :D
  13. yeah that high times shit is bullshit. i was lookingb thru the dave chappel one and there is only one picture of weed......i wish i knew they changed magazines , now i know to buy grow america instead...i just like lookin at pictures.
  14. i scratched my monitor for 3 and a half hours and i think i'm a little buzzed

    looks good though
    also dont hold the camera too close, at least a foot away, and then crop it if u have to
  15. perdy. turn it to ashes.
  16. mine's broken :(

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