Yet another parents stash thread.

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  1. Yup, I found my Dad's. He told me he left some cash on his dresser for me (lent him some when he lost his debit card) And he had left the drawer open a little so I spied a pack of zigzags from the corner of my eye. I'm not one to snoop, but just recently he told me he hasn't smoked in quite awhile (started up a couple years back because of chemotherapy). I looked in the drawer and he had a bag with around 5g's of shake in it(that's right, I weighed it). I'm not even talking good shake, that falls off of good weed. I am talking 5 grams of flaked up leaves and shit. It actually did look like oregano :D. The smell was so weird I wasn't 100% sure it was even weed until I tried it, the taste was there though. Honestly, I'm not one to steal either, especially from family, but I was really curious here. I had never seen weed this shitty before. I admit it, I pinched a bowl. Even intending to replace it tonight (with good bud) I feel kinda bad. Regardless, I can't believe he smokes this garbage. I know my family doesn't exactly have a lot of money to piss away, but he drinks and smokes so could easily cut back a little to toke up some. This was the nastiest shit I've ever sparked. I didn't get a headache but it was a small bowl. Barely a headbuzz, not as relaxing as it should be. I tried to take pics but my digicam batteries died and I forgot to charge the other ones (probably got high instead :rolleyes:)

    Anyway, that's my story. I won't even care if nobody responds, I just had to tell SOMEONE. Time to go get real weed.
  2. lol, i dont think he cares if its dank or not. shit one of my friends parents are always like "so do you guys buy that weed thats like..reaaaly expensive and grown indoors and shit"... they dont even know what dank is..if your used to schwag, why pay more. Shit someday there will be weed tahts like 50x danker than the headies we have now, and im sure it'll be way more expensive.. but why not buy the cheap headies? :)
  3. Good point. Still though, I think I'm just going to ask him if he smokes and give him some of mine.

    Oh and the high I got is really weird, mild and almost uncomfortable.
  4. If you replaced bad pot with really good pot dont you think hed notice. A nug of dank would stick out in all that shake
  5. Does your dad know you blaze or have any idea? Because if he doesnt you should throw a small dank nug in his bag, it would be really awkward for him to ask you if it was you that put it in there, and it would be funny:smoke:

  6. under that same principal y buy headies when schwag wont cost barly a thing when they make shit that good so why buy headies still.... because they taste good, get u rippedm and were grown with love and care, and mostly cause u r putting that shit into ur body
  7. Yeah I'm not sure why I was going to do that. I was planning to put a little ground up weed in there but even that would be noticable. Oh well, It's not like he ever hid it well in the past so this time I'll just say something the next time he comes out of the bathroom smelling like weed and axe. Like a 19 year old wouldn't recognise that combination instantly :D
  8. take a gram or two and replace it with danks so he knows you know and that you have a good hook for him to buy off of
  9. yo, IMHO... i think thats the best way to break the ice w/ the ol parents, kick him a fat nug of some dank, and just waite for him to mention something to you... if you want him to know, if not then i wouldn't :smoke:
  10. Id totally jack his bag and get him a fat sack of dank to replace. Then all you gotta do is sit around and wait for him to thank you.
  11. actually thats not a bad idea, i mean its family, why not hook him up?
  12. man when i started off smoking, i smoked shwagg. i loved it, i could care less, 2-3 pinners got me fucked up. then my friends would smoke me out with headies, and i moved on from there. i think its the shit that your dad smokes, whats next? a built 6 bolt AWD DSM hidden under a cover in his garage? lol
  13. Replace his shitty weed with 5g of good weed, and see what he says. It would be a nice jesture. Who knows, maybe you can end up smoking together.

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