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  1. ok I'm not a real newb but I still have a lot to learn!! so your opinions are needed!
    old 40's fridge that I have had for 20 yrs!! it wasted alot of hydro so I thought I should make it usefull while doing so!!
    lower part in Veg room for right now I have 2 18"FL and 1 15"FL (tubes)
    in the upper flower room I will have 4 -42w-2700K + 2- 65W-6500K + 2-23w-4100K
    = 344W I think I should be good for 4 plants maybe 6 but I will have to add a few more lights on the door maybe some 2' FL (tubes)
    my intake comes from the lower chamber, its split and runs up to the upper chamber with a 1 1/2" PVC pipe!! and upper exhaust fan is also ducted with 1 1/2" PVC pipe
    both fans are 12V and run off 2 deepcycle bateries( enough power to run them both for 20 hrs sraight) and its keep things cool!! I might try to find a 12V- 80deg switch ??

    feel free to give your opinions!!

  2. CFL's put out a bit of heat. Two 42 W cfls, with no direct air cooling (no fan blowing on the bulbs), in my cab that has 6" passive and 150cfm out a 6" vent in a 2 x 2 x 4 space, adds 5 degrees to cab temp over room temp.

    You will be better off with a 150w or 250W hps in a cooltube. My 250w hps adds 1.5 degrees over room temp in the cab described above. The HPS puts out way more light than CFLS watt for watt. You would need about (15) 42w CFLs to equal (1) 250w hps.
  3. I have done a few test runs to see how hot it gets in there with all the lights running it get to be 101F but about 5 min after turning on the fans it cools right off to 80 and it will go lower but its quick thats for sure!! by X-mas I will be puting in a 90cfm this is just to get me started!!
    I wish I could go with a HPS I hope by next yr to have one and with a cool tube would be sweet!!

    I was hoping some of those light experts could tell me if that is enough light for my little room??
    I will aslo be adding a 1'x1' screen just not sure how far above the plants it will need to be!! I guess it depends on the plant??

    cheers psionblue
  4. I have to disagree. My 23W Warm White CFL bulbs put out 1600 lumens and my 70 Watt HPS security light puts out 4900 lumens.

    Simple division returns 69.56 lumens per watt for the CFL and 70 lumens per watt for the HPS. I don't see the advantage of the extra expense for a HPS lamp and cool tube.

  5. Higher wattage HPS are more efficient. They really aren't very expensive, but it is relative.

    For me HPS gives:

    • Less lights - you wont need a dozen to 1/2 dozen bulbs in your cab
    • better penetration than CFLs. A 250W hps can penetrate a foot.
    • More lumens per watt than CFL(which is a shitty way to measure light. Lumens are for our eyes)
    • Better control over heat - cooltubes will make a cool cab.
    • faster flowering time than CFLs
    • yealds are larger than CFLs
    Now, I do use CFLs to side light in my cab and it works great.

    You might want to look at either the stanlety blower at walmart (30-40USD) or the blue blower at home depot / lowes (50-70USD) for a cheap blower that you can simply modify. I have a blue blower that has 3 speeds 100, 200, 300 CFM that I got for 70USD. I took lots of metal tape and attached it to my 6" duct to cool my lights and vent out the cab.

    Good Luck!
  6. I think 100w per square foot is what "people" have said works for CFLs.

  7. I will go see about this blue blower you are talking about (HD is a 2min walk from my door!!) cheers!!, what area is it in ?? what is it used for ??
    I hope that it is enough light?? I feel as I should be adding more??
    I do have a 4"(110V) fan that will be in there too

    hey oldschool!! thanks for the never ending tips !! sorry about that slip up on the other lighting post !! I should learn to keep my fingers off the keyboard !! I will learn someday!! but can you give me anymore pointers for my set up ??

    for this grow room I don't think its worth spending the $$ on a HPS and I know if my wife see's that kinda light pluged in she'll give me the boot anyway so just to be on the safe side I won't use a HPS....

  8. One great benefit to having a poor short-term memory (aside from being able to enjoy the same joke over and over) is that you don't...shit, I done forgot.

    Not sure what slip you're referring to, but I'll spout off whenever I have an opinion. Don't stop posting when you want about what you want.

    I fully believe you will have a successful grow with CFLs.

    2,500 lumens per square feet is the minimum amount of light you'll need. Typically the brighter the garden is, the faster the growth and the bigger the yield should be.


  9. ya I agree but what I like is to be able to watch a movie over again and not remember that you watched it until the end or days later!!
    ya but me being a dumb ass sould always be followed with a apology!! just my style!!

    I think so too!! if I can get anyof my seeds to start!! I have had these seeds for 10-20 yrs they have never been stored right !! and as of today I have started 250 of the flipp'in bastards and still nothing, I have started them in every way= water - in the dark/in light, paper towel -in dark/in light , right into peat pellet in dark/in light, in RW cubes in dark in light- nothing & nothing and still nothing!! I have some buddys getting me seeds in the next few weeks, but that does'nt help me now!! oh well I will keep trying

    my room sqf is 7.8sq' so I will say 8 to be safe!
    total lumens 17200 / 8 =2150 per sq' so close but is it close enough?? I do have mylar on the walls and top and a white bottom and door ??

  10. not callin' ya a liar, but that fridge doesn't look like 8 square feet.


    Those seven bulbs you've got blazing should be plenty o light.


  11. maybe I'm not with it ?? I thought getting sqft was length X width X hight
    witch is 36"X24"X16" or 3x2x1.3= 7.8 am I wrong
    thanks oldshool!!

  12. thats the cubic feet (volume) of the box. Area is the length of the base times the width.


  13. ok so Im wrong!! LxW =6 ....17200/6 =2866.6666666666666666666666666667
    so I guess I do have pleanty of lummes then !! Ill be doing a journal about my OP..

    thanks again oldschool anything else you feel I should know please just say so!!
    your a big help thanks
    do you know about the SCROG system with the screen (1x1 mesh screen)?
    I trying to get a idea on how far it should be from the base of the plant??


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