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Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by lakaisb, May 28, 2009.

  1. i know you guys probably dont wanna hear this which is why ive been posting in pandoras box but shit i think i got a problem
    so ive been doing alot of adderall latley if youve read my previous posts youd know and idk i stopped yesterday to kind of get my head clear because i wSNT feeling it after few days even in the highest doses... so i stopped yesterday and i couldnt stop eating like i ate so much food it makes me hate myself then i went straight to bed woke up and ate again and said fuck it even if the adderall might not work cause i ate ima take a chance cause i wa desprate and i didnt wanna over eat all day today as well. and the thing is this is basically my last supply i parschuted 20mg this morning and feel GREAT but knowing i only have 20mg more idk the girl who usualy gives it to me sent me off yesterday which means she said she was coming and didnt she was also gonna give me some bars as well(xanax) and now since she sent me off she wont respond to me and technically shes my only connect idk maybe i should just enjoy what i feel today or whatever but im so pissed i work out dalily (skateboarding) but its cold out today windy and wet so thats not a possibillity i have plenty of skateboards (not going to mention why) so yesterday i skated in the rain but idk man i feel weird good yet not optemistic i need help does anyone wanna talk with me? if so give me your aim screen names PM them to me i know i did this last time but not many people sent me screen names one person did but they never respond? anyways im sorry about the shitty grammer and punctuation im aware i fucked up im not retarded but please if anyone on here can talk to me i feel so alone and out of it idk.. please dont flame im not a troll ive actually been a VERY long time browser and as always too lazy to post or make an account im very familar with the GC interface help a brotha out and talk with me girls guys all ages i dont give a fuc

  2. are u on addies right now? cause its prolly making you wanna talk and socialize..
  3. yes if you read i said i took 20 mg parachutted after my one day break do you tink i should take my last 20mgs of my supply not knowing where ill get anymor anytime soon fuckk
  4. maybe next time hit enter a few times in between your sentences and your threads wont be as annoying?:confused:

  5. id take em seeing 20mg wouldnt do shit to me.

    but its your choice... wanna feel really good? take it,

    and i forget theres soem chat thing that hooks u up with a random person to chat with

    just look for thatand talk to people.
  6. yea i found the omegle thing on a thread here lmao those people are just a bunch of bored douche bags fucking with people online its anoying how many times you have to start over a new conversation to find someone who will actually talk
  7. Call me a grammar nazi if you must, but I honestly cannot fathom reading a sentence that long. :hide:

    Periods are your friend! :p
  8. well i ended up parachutting the last 20mg of adderall i had and now i feel like shit it wore off fast and now i dont have anything im just gonna smoke some bud and hopefully my connect comes thru
  9. You sound like an addict.

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