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  1. Ive got a grow closet set up, was wondering a few thing tho, because im a noob (first grow) I have a few cfl lights set up for the seedlings, and a 600 hps for veg and flower. does it make sence to keep the clf's on while the hps is on, also would it make any difference to add automotive red led's shining on the buds during flower, while the hps is on? What frequency should the aeroponics system mist the rockwool cubes to provide adaquate moisture/nutrients? Im running it for 15 minutes every 4 hours. 24hr light. Thanks for the input.
  2. You know, you'll be stuck with that screename forever, even after your 3,000th post!

    Can't help you with the aero questions, but on the rest... Yes, you can run the CFLs together with the HID. It's more a matter of heat management and/or cost management. I stick a couple of CFLs in the corners of my growbox to even out the lighting. But will you need it? How big is this closet to be running a 600w in?
  3. My closet is 3.5' wide by 26" deep and 10' tall. Im running a 600w hps, 2 cfl 25watt, and 1 30 watt grow flouro tube 4'. I just got the bulb for the hps yesterday, and it looks like the dam sun when its on. Im very worried about heat from this because its in so small of a space, however I was smart enough to get the sealed/ vented reflector. I have a custom 10$ fan pumping air through this right now, do I need killer airflow through the ducts to keep the light from overheating? now its just a slight breeze, I have 7 germ w/widow, 4 germ blue mystic, and one purple power from a friend of mine, the other 11 plants are from nirvana seeds. Thanks for the input.

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  4. what is the color temp of ur hps bulb?? Is it one of those blue bulbs???

    It is my understanding that if it is a FLOWERING color temp then the CFLs are really good for suplemental light due to their vegetative color temp. Itll give the plants a broader spectrum of light.

    It will be interesting to see how u deal with heat, Im having the same issues with my 400W HPS in my little room. GL on the grow Ill b watching.

    already forgot ur other questions lol but Im no help with aero this is my first grow and Im just doin soil.

  5. the bulb is a hortilux 600hps, supposedly has enhanced blue spectrum, when i turned it on, it seemed mostly red, i think ill leave the clfs on during flower and take your advice, it can only help, but ill switch them off during flower. I need to start a grow journal, my temps fluctuating around 29c and rh is around 40% i havent taken temps with the hps on, ill need to add more fans probally, or leave the door open a crack...
  6. Hmm so what kind of misters are you using? Because the main problem with aeroponics is getting the mist fine enough for sufficient nutrient uptake over the full life of the plant. I read that the optimal size for long term growing is about 5-50 microns , which is probably pretty hard to do. But that was NASA's conclusion, and they didnt specify what they considered to be long term growing. My guess is that the mist from something like an automated sprinkler head is probably fine enough. Anyways, 4 hour intervals are wayyyyy too long. I would say 15 minute intervals, just journal your growth and tweak it from there.
  7. thx for the advise, btw i said 15 min every 4 hours....... daylight only so it only comes on 3 times a day. 45 minutes total all day. ive come to the conclusion that i went way to big on my lamp. and need to add a dedicated ac unit. lol all this for a closet!!
  8. I think you missed my point. "4 hours" shouldnt even enter into your plan for an aeroponic setup. Im pretty sure thats way too long to be waiting between sprays. Kinda defeats the point of aeroponic setups when you're only exposing the plants to nutrients for 45 minutes a day.
  9. Will the rockwool cubes keep a fresh supply of water and nutes to the root system in between waterings? i did a few experements before the grow and noticed that they stay wet for a few days... please correct me if im wrong about this..., thx

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