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Yet Another Newbie

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by bandito, Jul 1, 2004.

  1. Howdy, I'm newly registered to the forums, but not-so-new to Grasscity and I'm certainly no stranger to some nice, kind, BUD.

    Grasscity has elevated me from a weak-lunged rookie who couldn't roll a J without the use of a ball-point pen to a steady-handed roller and am considered a veritble MacGuyver when it comes to crafting a quick, quality piece.

    It all started way back in high school when many of my friends were starting to get into smoking. I started to get interested, but I had no money to buy often nor hook-ups with which to buy any anyways! I found Grasscity and bought the FUTUROLA KING SIZE kit w/ the tips, papers, paper-case, and stickers--and for the next few years people called ME up to roll for them, and of course I got a lot of "Hey man, wanna come along for a 'ride'?"

    I hate moochers. I never mooch unless I'm flat broke and I know I can repay the person soon, somehow.

    My favorite method of smoking is in a Phillies Blunt--Honey or Chocolate flavored. I believe firmly in the awesome power of RESIN. Some people clean their pipes and bongs and throw away their roaches, but I actually PREFER smoking resin--yeah, it tastes bad, yeah, it's messy, but you know what? IT WORKS BETTER.

    I believe firmly in being GENEROUS with bud, but I believe even more firmly that everyone sitting in on a session should be bringing something to the circle. He or she should either be an INVITED guest, holding bud, packing a piece, or putting up money. I'm not a prick about it, after all, if you smoke your friends up then when a dry spell comes, they may be your main supply. :)

    Well, that's all I gots for an introduction, it's good to be here. :)

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