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Yet another new grow

Discussion in 'Marijuana Grow Journals' started by dnno, Dec 26, 2007.

  1. I briefly posted about this in the general indoor section but figured id explain more here. To start out, i disassembled an old computer case i had, fitted it with wood and various pieces of aluminum foil covered cardboard cut outs. There are 4 inlet fans an 2 exhaust(including the Power supply heat sink). I then filled small planting pots with Fox Farms Ocean Forest organic soil, and planted my germinated seeds. I now know the strain of the seeds i have (Purp), so im kinda excited.

    So now i Guess my question is, am i over watering and is my temp. and humidity ok for these seedlings? The temp usually ranges from 75 to 85ish and the humidity is around 30-33. I give the plants 100 ml of water 2 times a day(mainly becuase the pots and the soil drain really well so alot of water comes out) and 12 hours later the soil seems dry so i water again). Im pretty sure it is just fine tho. I have just begun to switch from 24/0 to 18/6 for power issues and the soil seems to stay dry for about 24 hours instead of 12 so i can start watering every 24 hours now. The plants are growing and getting taller as the days go by :).

    As soon as day 20 or so comes around i plan on transplanting the plants into 5 gallon buckets inside a hydrohut with a 600w hps light. Hopefully these plants will grow nice and tall and become dank as hell! lol.

    Comments welcome. Thanks.


    Grow box:

    Here are the seedlings today(Day 6):
  2. New Update.... Hydro Hut and 600 Watt HPS.

  3. looks pretty slick..
  4. right on man, looks like your all set, what purple strain exactly do you know?
    "purp" is really just a word for purple tinted buds, sometimes is light purple sometimes its deep deep purple down to the stem on the inside. some times its purple kush some times i am told it is GDP. either way you cant go wrong with purps, i was growing some purple kush, and she was one little bitch to work with, really finicky on nutes,
  5. Im pretty sure its purple urkle, thats what i was told.
  6. Ok ok. Now i know for sure...Either Urkle or Grand daddy purp haha, one of the two. Oh well, Honestly all i really care about is getting some beautiful females so i can smoke on em:smoking:. I hate paying for weed.
  7. The plants seem to be doing great. The plant in the second picture has one of its first little round leaves curled up because the seed had stayed with it when it sprouted. Other than that, ive noticed hints of purple on the second set of real leaves in the first picture.



    keep on tokin':smoking:
  8. how much cfm u usin?
  9. umm, im not sure exactly. I have four small inlet comp fans, then another small fan on the side panel for exhaust, and then the fan in the power supply for exhaust. I would also have another fan in the rear of the case but i had to remove it for space issues with my lights.

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