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Yet Another Lighting Question

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by dustynegro, Jun 16, 2010.

  1. I have a mix of plants that I started growing at different times (just wanted to get the ball rolling).
    3 plants are about 1.5 feet each between veg/flowering, the others are still little girls in the veg phase (about 6 in tall).
    I have the light on for 18 hr on/ 6 hr off.
    My question is, how will this affect the big girls who are definitely ready to go to 12/12? They haven't shown their sex yet and I suspect this is the reason.
  2. as long as the plants have enough room in the pot and are getting enough nutrients and light they should be fine. you could have however just put all of them into 12/12 as the little girls will put themselves through vegging anyway before theyre mature enought to flower
  3. I would just let the little ones catch up to the big ones - more yield from the big ones.
    More mature, more roots, because of a good long veg. Excellent mother plants too.

  4. Super Crop the big ones!! Which in return gives your lil ones time to catch up. And the big ones will get thicker ie... bigger crop.
  5. Thanks guys, I will keep it on the same schedule and report back some time from now with the results.

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