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yet another lighting question

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by tonyba2014, Feb 5, 2013.

  1. I think i will try and make your version of the cfl set up. From the results so far, it seems to work the best for small spaces. Are you using a tent or a box of some sort?
  2. Im definitely strapped on space. Im still trying to determine whether i should invest in a small tent or build a 2x3x3 box
  3. Building a box is super easy. I used wood, but PVC is much easier. If you got a few 10' sections of 1x1s and some inch and a half screws, you'd be able to build a box in way under an hour. I used emergency space blankets from wal mart in place of Mylar. It's made of Mylar (Aluminized polyester). Cost me like 7 bucks for 2 of them, and I only needed 1 and a half. 36 sq feet total, cause I did all sides, plus floor. My grow box is 3x2x3 (L,W,H).
  4. How does one build a box with pvc?
  5. You use connector joints and build like your 10 years old again lol. Just draw up your plans for one, so you know how many total feet you will need, and figure how many 3 way joints you will need. You must cut the PVC into appropriate sections, connect them with the joints, and there you go. It would be too hard to go through the plans like this over the thread, so your on your own with that, or you can look it up, there may be some tutorials online. Just know that you will need, about 40 feet total, of PVC, or wood, to make a box that's the size you want. (4) 10 foot sections, cheap and relatively easy to transport, even with a car.
  6. Just know that, if you use PVC, you need PVC cement if you want it to be really sturdy, to lock things in place, and you of course need the connectors. If you use wood, all you need is screws. And a screwdriver/drill of course.

  7. I didn't realize he said that small. He said it was 2'x3' and I assumed it was a closet or something. That said you don't keep a 150W HID 2 feet away. More like 8 or 9 inches. You have to keep a 1000W farther away. All I"m saying is I wouldn't waste my time with CFL's except for supplemental lighting. As I said, I don't care what he gets though. It's not my bud. Use a flashlight for all I care, I'm just saying IMO and most people's on this site and others HID's are much better. As I said, not that people can't get a decent yield with CFL's, but you are much more likely to get hardly anything, especially with a new grower who doesn't know what he's doing.
  8. Well, what about me though? I didn't know shit when I started. I have 2 healthy, sticky as fuck, plants, just absolutely white with trichomes. They grew from seed to about 6 inches on a 9 watt bulb per plant lol. I did a little research of course, and thus have the setup I have now. I have about an ounce and a half a plant, as of right now. Got a nice 14 inch cola on one (pictured on page 1 of this thread). They are only 5 weeks into a 9-10 week flowering. I'm growing with a total of 175 watts of CFL, for 2 plants, and only recently (9 days ago) did I add the 75W's worth. And to top that, I started flowering with only 50W between the 2 of them. Was like that for the first 10 days of flower. I use the CFL's in a reflector hood, that I made, and the plants are in a Mylar wrapped box. So, I think if I can do it (being a first time grower), so can he. Especially if he's gonna build the same reflector hood I did, using my tutorial. You just gotta love your plants, and treat them right.
  9. Right on man. If i have cfl questions and hood questions would it be cool if i private message you?
  10. [quote name='"tonyba2014"']Okay, so im thinking about starting my first small, one plant grow but im stuck on what sort of lights i should use.

    Im open to any type of lighting. (eg. Led, hps, ect.)

    I am planning on getting a clone from a buddy. The space is gonna be about 2'x3'[/quote]

    My vote... LED...
  11. What watts/colors?
  12. [quote name='"tonyba2014"']

    What watts/colors?[/quote]

    Go with a Apollo they balnce out the spectrum for u... I say.. a lot people wil talk shit about it.. but get the 3w bulbs.. I'm growing with one and I've had fantastic results.. but that's jus my opinion. .. for one plant around 100w I think ud be very happy.. can find them on eBay pretty cheap..
  13. Yeah, you can PM me anytime for any questions you may have. I am not experienced with LED's, though I've heard great things of them.
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    Dont use Cfl's it wont be worth your efforts in your yield unless you spend a similar amount on them as you would buying a HID lighting kit.

    Even if your doing just one, light is key and you want overkill. Get a 100w HPS for 1 plant or a 250w for 2. if you wanna do 4 get a 400w.

    Your talking about a difference between being able to get 15-30gs a plant and getting ounces. I dont see why to bother with anything else. You need the correct spectrums. For one plant I recommend a 250 anyway cause you may wanna do more and you dont wanna limit yourself. Plus 1 plant under a 250 will come out sweet if you use good soil, have good drainage etc. It beats out all other lighting in lumens per watt, and the Lumatek High PAR (Photosynthetic Active Radiation) Bulbs that are somewhat new, do just as good as LED's in the radiation department. Plus your spectrums are selectable, if you look at my chart you can see why being able to get a 6400k MH and a 2400 HPS is beneficial.

    Heres where I hit you with all my lighting charts, if you have questions im here. Also Check out my step by step picture guide for Low stress training. It REALLY increases your yield, and its very easy to do.

    These are about HID Lighting distance. This one is for metal halide.
    This ones for High pressure sodium

    This one explains Lumen loss over distance

    Hope these help ya!
  15. Just a little added support for CFL grows. Here ya go, pics from 4 or 5 days ago. They only have a week or so, maybe less, till cut. 8 weeks, 5 days today. So these pics are pretty much at the 8 week mark. Ice is the strain, she's a got a long flower time. From the looks of things, they're probably gonna be at 9 and a half weeks for cut. Trichomes are at 60-70% clear, 15-20% milky, and 5-10% amber.

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  16. Hey guys later on I'm going to go to Walmart for a fluorescent light kit with ballast and chains reflector the works I believe the tubes are t9s but I'm not quite sure they had only one pack left do you think two of those with a few cfls in a grow box will be able to grow my northern lights and two big buds? Since my employers made a mistake and gave me an extra $100 I wonder what the cheapest alternative to hids mhs or led any feedback would be beneficial thanks in advance
  17. This is my grow box with 14w 60 w equal daylight with 5000k I believe plus I could have three with one fl and 2 more would this be a pretty decent set up without killing my electric? I also have a little fan and I might plant in woods when the weather increases not sure. Tres Merci mon Amis tout avec mon coeur

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    Hey bro saw ur question figured id help you. Look in my grow I have walmart fluorescent 4ft lights as well. Those work pretty good. DONT GET THE LITTLE 18w 'Grow Light' its crap and its 20$.

    Buy the 48 inch 2 bulb 'Shop Light' for around 15$, then get the 2 pack of phillips 6500k daylight blue . thats what i run about 160watts of fluorescent. And what im talking about the bulb type is called t12. Idk if there is a t9 and im an electrician. maybe a smaller gauge bulb i havent heard of?
  19. How's this look guys? The six cups farthest away are some dank bag seed that I germinated. The light Is a grow bulb from home depot. Any tips?

  20. Not enough light at all man. I'd be putting 3 or 4 of those lights directly above those cups. You need the light as CLOSE AS POSSIBLE! Without touching.

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