Yet another lefty wing movie star comes out in favor an Obama dictatorship

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Dronetek, May 19, 2010.

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    For a guy who is main stream, he sure does seem to bring out the extremists on the left. Yet another Hollywood movie star has come out in favor of Obama taking over as a dictator. This time, its Woody Allen.

    Woody Allen says President Obama should be granted dictatorial powers (seriously) | The Daily Fix
    If you remember people like Bill Maher have said similar things. As well as people in the Obama administration like Mark Loyd.

    [ame=""]YouTube- Bill Maher offering his opinion[/ame]
  2. It's the opposite side of the same pole the clowns who call for impeachment suck on.
  3. His name's Woody...huhuhuhuhuh. Yea, it sucks that a stupid thing like representation can get in the way of a holistic agenda. What are we going to do with all these looney, opinionated Hollywood liberals?

    Did you know Nic Cage only eats animals that fuck proper?
  4. Who the fuck cares about what Woody Allen has to say about politics and the government?

  5. Really

    I've had bowel movements more influential than Woody Allen has been in the last 20 years
  6. I mean, Jade Scorpion was okay. Mostly it's just that Woody Allen has no particular knowledge or wisdom regarding politics and the state, so it's just the same as asking some random fucking Alabama pigwife or any other New York jew.

    So much fuck celebrity.

  7. Propaganda. They bring up that he hooked up with his adopted daughter, toss in allegations of child-molestation, and then align him in the 'left' in attempt to delegitimatize the entire political ideology.
  8. Surely you're not implying that Dronetek, a paragon of information dissemination, enemy forever of the biased MSM, is promoting propaganda that furthers his political agenda?

  9. Not at all, I don't think he actually understands what propaganda is. :D
  10. Give me a break. If Bush was president and Ann Coulter called for a dictatorship, you guys and the media would be up in arms. If it was just one guy, it might be something to dismiss. However, this seems to be a pattern with people around Obama and his cheer leaders in the media.

    Even Obama himself whines non-stop about the fact people have the ability disagree with him on a mass scale, thanks to technology. These people are dangerous.
  11. Im really getting tired of people calling obama left wing. I am a communist and I can assure you that he is NOT LEFT WING.
  12. Stop.

    Think: "What is the difference between Woody Allen and Ann Coulter?"

    Then: "Why is this important?"
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    Actually the comparison was to Bill Maher and his idea that things would run better if we were more like China. The point is that a lot of these people on the left that claim to be the arbiters of democracy, are actually pretty evil mother fuckers.

    Stop being such a condescending ass.

    For fuck sake, you cant be serious? He had the most liberal voting record in congress. He attended a far left, Marxist church for 20 years under a communist mentor. His father was also a communist. Obama is surrounded by several self described communist, Marxists and socialist. Obama supports far left polices like single payer, nationalized health care.

    The list goes on and on. He is the poster boy for left wing American politics.
  14. If they can't take a joke, fuck 'em. The only times I interpreted him as being serious was in saying America is stupid on CNN (I agree, with the caveat that people in general are stupid) and saying America is stupid and needs to be dragged to things (eh...). The rest were jokes. You know, funny hahas. Same with Woody Allen, probably, and even if not, again, who the fuck is Woody Allen to be commenting on politics? Your evidence of these "Hollywood" leftists being evil motherfucks is pretty specious at best.

  15. Yep, you're right

    That's what that was all about :rolleyes:
  16. So, you've never got upset about Limbaugh "joking" or Coulter "joking? The media has never manufactured outrage over either of their jokes? I wish that excuse worked for our side.

    The thing is, you guys excuse anything said from that side of the isle one way, or another. Nothing these people ever say is to be taken seriously. Well, I'll leave it up to the reader to decide. I think its pretty clear you're gulping down that kool-aid, along with Sky Dog here.

    Are you seriously going to deny Obama and the people around him have expressed support for controlling information through various means and that Obama himself lashes out at his critics (along with their mediums) quite a bit? If so, I can make you look like a fool by posting many, many examples.
  17. I think someone forgot to mention that Hitler is some how involved in this whole thing.

  18. I think I smelt one of those back in 1996.
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  19. I'd tell you not to waste your time, but it seems to be your favorite hobby

    Sometimes I wonder why you decided to join a marijuana forum just to spend all your time "discussing" "politics"

    I mean of the party over here
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