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  1. the one made by HTG looks like a better light + its cheaper so you could add-on a cool tube or MH bulb
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    [quote name='"guitar99"']Between these two lights...What is the difference, and which one would you choose?
    Going to set up a different light system, wanted a 400, and both these seem really nice for the price...I know HTG is hard to beat, but can someone explain the differences between the two?
    HTG Supply - AgroStar 400 Watt HPS Grow Light


    HTG Supply - HTGSupply 400 watt High Pressure Sodium Grow Light


    They dont even have a digital ballast..I would go with something like this
  3. the HTG one is definitely a better hood, and they are both magnetic so id go with the cheaper one and like lov4led said, you can upgrade the hood for an aircooled one. but i would invest in the digital ballast too. Id get a switchable lumatek. you can run different watts of lights and even super lumens which increases the power output by 10%.

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