Yet, another HPS & MH Question

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  1. I know the difference between the two, but I was curious as to when vegging with MH should the same watts for HPS be the same or can I change it?

    300 watts of MH during veg
    300 watts of HPS during first 1-2 weeks of flowering
    then which to 600 Watts for flowering till finish
    600 watts of MH during veg
    600 watts of HPS during flowing

    What kind of difference would I expect? Thanks again.
  2. There are alot more variables to consider such as number of plants,time in vedge, size of area etc. fill us in a bit more.

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    8 plants
    5-6 week veg
    4x4x6 grow tent
    MH and HPS bulbs
    600w cool tube w/wings
    600w adjustable ballast (50/75/100)
    Fox Farms Nutes
    EarthGro Medium
  4. stop over thinking about growing bro if you start with a 300 watt mh during veg and get a 600 hps during flower your going to see the extra light results but its not going to mean different finished product apart from time. If your growing 8 plants , and perhaps you want to save money you dont even need a mh people only use for veg for the extra warmth , i really think its a waste of money. a hps you will get good if not better results for veg and flower and bvetter lumen to watt ratio. 600 watt for 8 plants is the general summary im trying to make.

  5. Very true, I'm over thinking it. My grow was delayed so now I just ponder the possibilites. lol. Thanks you for pointing it out. Seriously thanks though. :smoking:

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