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    So this is when i was like 12 tokin it up this is like my 2nd doing it and me and my friends are looking for a place to do it so we go to a school and they have these big ass bushes so we do it in there:cool: so there we are taking hits from a pipe i dont notice it but these a granny looking right at us staring us down with a fly swatter in her hand and a plastic bag than she comes over to us then all my other friends see her and then we get up and Get outta there:bolt:me and one of my friends are the only ones who arnt baked yet and were are like half way down the block when i look back and my friends are playing tag and tripping over each other with the granny on are tail so long story short he got away from the evil granny and had a sweet ass time------------------------------Another funny story last year I was really thirsty and had the munchies so I went to the dollar store and didnt have any money ;) so I grabbed a bunch or chips and mars bars and put them in my waist band and pockets and of coarse I grabbed a powerade and put that in my sleeve of my shirt and I was walking out when the clerk said he come back here and I turned around looked him straight in the eye and wipe the powerade out of my sleeve and ran for it!!!
  2. :eek: Rly?

    English Plz,

    Oh and how old are you now?
  3. why did you have to run from a cottonhead? that's pretty fuckin sad if she kept up with your asses. haha.

    EDIT: i'm gonna guess this was.. maybe like last year? ha
  4. I'd say 12 1/2.
  5. When you said yet another, i assumed that you meant you had more than 1 funny story. Sadly you have only 1 post.

    BTW, are you still 12?
  6. Nope this was a long while back in elementry
  7. Ah yeah, Middle school is tough bro.

    Back in the 'Ele days is where the fun was at. Running from grannies `n shit, now your all grown up you gotta watch your back for the Dads and Moms.

    Careful out there, you might forget where you put your backpack and fail all of your classes.
  8. Lol if i lost my back pack I would say Awwweee man I i left my new bong in there!
  9. And call your mom to ask if she will buy you a new one.

    Haha its all cool man,

    Smoke a big `ol blunt and run them grannies down :).
  10. Lol fucking old pieces of shit!

  11. I rest my case.
  12. LOL I once ditched class in 8th grade left my backpack at my homies house and didnt see it for like a month and failed most my classes

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