Yet Another F'n First Grow Journal

Discussion in 'Indoor Grow Journals' started by Shadybones, Jul 13, 2017.

  1. Welp, I finally decided to take the plunge into growing. What's funny is that I normally just vape concentrates, but growing seems like a nice little hobby. This will actually make me vape flower which I'm excited about; I miss the smell of flower in general!

    Anyways, I got my clones today and put them in my freshly built grow cabinet. I'm questioning their health, but a bit more time will tell (I think?)

    2'x2'x4' wooden cabinet, built by myself. Mylar on the walls.
    Light: 300W Vipar LED
    Strain: Strawberry Diesel
    Ventilation: 4" inline duct through a carbon filter (will be installed on Friday. Keeping the door open for cooling for the time being).

    I started running a 20/4 light cycle. There seem to be some issues with the clones in regards to health, but I'm going to give them a few days under the light to see how I need to proceed in regards to feeding them. If anyone has any input, it is always appreciated.

    Hopefully this is the beginning to a successful grow!

  2. Update

    I have confirmed I have thrips. Great.

    Off to home depot tomorrow for some pesticides.
  3. those plants are clones? like how long have you had them?
  4. About 5 hours now, lol. I'm not sure when they were actually taken from the mother though.
  5. lol i just ask cause they look hella scraggly. like the little one has a grown calyx with thc on it.

    while your at home depot get a matching size bucket for the one and then dig that bigger one up, gently, and bury it down deeper. like to where the soil is like an inch lower than those very first leaves
  6. Will do, thanks.

    I didn't even notice the calyx until you pointed it out. Is that indicative of it going into flower already? Perhaps the grower who cut it had it on a flower cycle? Am I screwed? lol
  7. nah. it'll take a bit to revert back to veg. sometimes ive seen single calyxs mature real fast. like way early into flower so i cant tell how long its been in flower for.

    i think when a clone is taken while flowering and then reveged its called monster cropping. it gets the plants super bushy

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