Yet another first timer - needing advice (with pics)

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  1. First off, this is a great site. Glad to see the free exchange of ideas/knowledge!!

    I'm starting a new grow-space. For now, I would like to grow 1 or 2 plants MAX. I'm not interested in making the most potent, bountiful harvests that can be made. What I am interested in is growing 1-2 plants to "learn" and eventually just grow enough to support my needs (not much.....)

    Much of the research I've done happen to be links to overgrow (all dead links :( )

    Here are my questions.

    1. Are the lights I have the correct kind and sufficient for growing 1-2 plants? I understand they're not the best (HPS are best). Will flouro's work for flowering? I plan to grow outside in pots until it's time to flower, then take them inside for 12/12. Is this okay? What do I need to lookout for?

    2. Is the grow-space sufficient to support 2 plants? (my left over cabinet)

    3. Do you have any helpful tips for a "small operation" farm (1-2 plants?) I'd really like to hear from folks that have grown in tight spaces using nothing but sun and flouro's.

    Based on what I'm told, I may construct a larger growspace, but if I can, I'd like to keep it where it's at - a left-over cabinet. I just don't have the money (yet). I'm going to have to build it over time, a month at a time.

    Thank you in advance!!


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  2. If you take that stuff out grow 2 if you cant grow 1. You should have 1sq ft per plant,Also i would get a hps if you cant get some compact flourscent lights(cfl's) the 27 watt ones will work.I would get atleast 8of them if your going to grow all the way through in there,And its alittle not saying you cant do it ..people grow in pc cases but if you can make it 4ft and do a scrog and when they are 8-12in switch to flowering and put the screen up.or train them when they are 12in .
  3. So then, for the cabinet I have (minus books) I should be able to fit 2 in there.

    Will the lights I have work for flowering? I understand they're not OPTIMAL but for my current budget, will they work? What are the main differences in time (for flowering) between using the HPS and Flourecents I have pictured?

    Also, if I *DID* decide to get an HPS, would a 400watt system do the trick for say 2 or 3 plants (small ones, 12"-16" in height)

    Thank you,

  4. 400W HPS is too much for your areas.

    Those fluoro bulbs aren't the right ones. Try to get some that say 6500K Color Temp. Those plant and aq. ones don't work real well. You can flower with the 6500K, but most growers will swap some bulbs out with 2700K "Warm" light fluoros.

    That cab in your pic is pretty short. If you want to SCROG, I'd say just do one plant at a time in there. Ideally, get a taller, deeper cabinet. Wider, too while you're at it :)
  5. Thanks for the input. I already have my eye on one of those 85 buck "refurb ballast" HPS systems. Ideally, I'd just build a larger cabinet. We'll see. Good thing is we have a pretty big walk in closet.

    Pics of my new friends to come! So far, I have 2 sprouts.

    Forgot to ask, as for the lights I have (plant and aquarium). Will they not work from start to finish (18/6 veg and 12/12 flower)? As stated before, I know they may not be THE BEST, but will they do?

  6. Here are my first two little guinnea pigs. 2 from bagseed.

    I plan to grow them outside until it's time to flower. I'm in a "tropical region" of the world. Where I live, it is usually 90-100 deg F during from Feb-Sept and our "winter" usually consists of maybe 20-25 days of "cold" weather (35-50 deg F). Most "winter/fall" months are 75-85 deg. The average temp year-round is 78-85. It's always sunny and rarely rains. Honestly, we have 2 seasons. Hot and DAMN hot. It's also very humid here.

    That being said, why try and grow inside when I have beautiful weather like that outside to grow plants.

    The only reason I'll bring them indoors is to "flower" them.


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  7. barely, maybe. just spend the whopping 2 bucks and get the right kind.
  8. Noted. I'll be hitting up the garden store this weekend. After doing some reading and researching, Ive found that the CFL's work okay. I'm just not clear on how many for *my* grow (1-2 plants). Any suggestions?

    I'll be looking to buy these:

    Flowering Light: 3000k - 65 Watt - 3400 Lumens
    Veg'ing Light: 6500k - 65 Watt - 3400 Lumens

    Thanks for taking the time to reply...


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