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Yet another first time grow post

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Kfc2117, Aug 14, 2018.

  1. Hello, first time grow, kind of learning as I go with the internet veing my biggest source of info. Two plants, 7 weeks old, neither seem to be ahowing signs of either sex yet. Lower leaves are yellowing and wilting, upper leaves are kind of curling and are somewhat Splotchy with different greens. Fox farms ocean forest soil. Started in a peat and sand mix and transplanted 2 weeks ago. I keep the soil moist at all times and keep them under a 500 watt led light 14 on 10 off. Advice would be greatly appreciated from me and the plants! Thanks for reading

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  2. small yet.
    do 12/12
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  3. Thanks, so just change the light cycle?
  4. These plants are very stretchy with hardly any internodes, very spinly for 7 weeks, they do not look strong enough to support flowers, you have a major issue which is lighting, if you want my opinion top both plants and veg them a few weeks more with better lighting. Also why are you constantly keeping your soil moist, there has to be a drying out period or you are inviting mold and rot into your root system. Flowering now isnt the best idea GOOD LUCK AND HAPPY GROWING
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  5. You should put the lights on 18/6. Let the soil dry out a bit, about the first 1/4 inch before you water. A topping would help very much. Try lowering the light a bit ~18 inches for LEDs, that seems to be why they are so lanky. If you did 12/12 now they would only stretch even more. Good luck and welcome to the city.
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  6. The light is kept about 7 inches above the plants, doesn't show in the pic cause I couldnt take em with it in the way haha. Will change the light cycle today and let it dry out a bit. Could the issue with the leaves be from over-wattering then?
  7. A lot more light is required. What is the actual watts used on your 500w led?
  8. You need wayyyyyy bigger pots!
  9. It very well could be, however, The picture of the top of one of them seems like those leaves arent droopy which makes it seem like its not over watering. A transplant soon would probably be beneficial. It could also be caused by ph issues causing nute lockouts causing slow growth. Do you ph your water? I know my first time growing I had no way of ph'ing and had plants that looked worse than yours, but less lanky. I would set my city tap water outside in the sun all day and it seemed to work wonders.
  10. The light was a gift, not exactly sure. It does seem somewhat on the cheap side though. Might not be the greatest to use. But its what I've got for now

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  11. If you're not sure of your light you should throw some cfls on her. If its not an actual grow light it could be the completely wrong spectrum and that 500w will be more like 3w.
  12. The very top leaves seem to be doing the best ots just the few below those that are showing signs that worried me. I've used bottled water which I read is ideal, the soil ph is 6.3. Transplant into bigger pots your saying? The next size up that I have is a one gallon which I figured would be too big for these, but if I knew what I was talking about, I wouldnt be here

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  13. These are my plants at the same age! I suggest bigger pots

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  14. bigger pots with good soil. Don't waste your money on cheap soil I made that mistake. Add 30% perlite to your medium. Sometimes bottled spring water can throw off your ph. Distilled water is good and it will always be 7.0 ph
  15. It is distilled, I've actually got an endless supply through my job lol. This was the first soil I came across that seemed worth buying althoigh I would like to make my own at some point. Since I just put these into these pots two weeks ago, would it be too stressful to transplant them again so soon? And I'm going to top them today as well.

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  16. Hello all, just following up with where your advice has led me. Topped and transplanted both along with cutting back and monitoring water better and changing the light cycle from 14/10 to 18/6. Color on both plants seem better, stalks seem to have become sturdier on both although the taller one did lose another leaf and seems to be growing at a quarter of the pace of the other, which seems to be doing great all around now. 20180818_131134_HDR.jpg 20180818_131149_HDR.jpg 20180818_131141_Burst01.jpg 1534612804475.jpg 1534612833132.jpg

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