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  1. Hey all,

    Gonna try and keep a journal for you to see my progress. Any tips would be appreciated too.

    To begin I must say that I have not grown these from seed, these are from 2 plants of unknown bagseed. The 'Mothers' had been grown outside for almost a full 2 months (not grown by me). Since it hadn't started flowering I still don't know if they will be female or not.


    Mother plants



    After acquiring the cuttings, I did the usuals; cut at 45 degrees, used a rooting gel and planted them into suitable containers, I used peat pots as that was all I could get my hands on for this grow at such short notice. The grow medium was plain soil and perlite mixture (roughly 50/50).

    I then got my CFLs, 2 small propagation kits and cables for veging.

    4 x 20w (actual) at £4 a pop. I actually struggled to get the right spectrum in my local area.

    After setting up I watered a kept a close eye on them. It has now been 2 days since the cuttings were took.

    However I have noticed a leaf from on the cuttings has decided to curl up. Should I be worried?


    Curly leaf

    Apreciate anyones input, its going to be learning curve! Haha.

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