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yet another DT question

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Gilu, Jun 12, 2009.

  1. sorry guys... I see these topics spark up far too often but I myself am in need of help.

    I'm taking an at-home drug tests for Cannabis only. from phamatech Inc.

    I'm 125-135 lb 5'4-6 (last time I measured and weighted myself was a while ago)

    I smoke once a week except for the last 3 weeks... well I've been smoking daily for 2 weeks daily (very low tolerance 4-5 hits and I'm good for 5-6 hours) and since last week I took a break. however, I did take two hits on wednesday from a play-doh pipe I made... (pretty sure I shouldn't use it). I'm taking the test either tonight or saturday.

    1st question is... will I pass? (prolly not)

    2nd Adulterants... how do I use the common ones like Visine or bleach?

    will they work? how much should I add? (she won't be sending the sample to the lab so I'm not worried about that)

    but please answer those ASAP

    also, if I have a friend pee in an extremely clean glue bottle and use his piss how long can I keep the piss untill it looses it's realistic temp. ? Or does the little at home test not have a temperature detector?

    let me number those

    1 will I pass?

    2nd instruct me on adulterants

    3rd acceptable pee temp. is?

    4th does the 15 dollar test have a temp. detection? ( I know the lab container does but I'm not worried about that)
  2. Bump

    come on guys!
  3. U said you smoke once every week, then you said you smoke everyday doesnt make sense.
    Is it a home drug test or doctor
  4. You need to read, he basically said it was an at home one.

    But, from what ive heard around the forums, im pretty sure visine does the job, just like pour the whole bottle in.
  5. i tried with half a bottle of visine advanced relief it didnt work. buying a new whole bottle next time i get the chance and testing the whole bottle in the test

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