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Yet Another Drug Test Thread, With a Twist

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by barthius, Jan 22, 2010.

  1. So I am going to South Korea in roughly 4-7 weeks to teach English. I received a bunch of information from my contact the other day, one of the documents said I would be drug tested when arriving into the country. How could I be so stupid? I did not even consider this! I have been a long time smoker and used this website to gain knowledge and spread it to many people. So you're probably wondering, if this guy is a vet smoker, why is he asking about drug test information?

    I have never been drug tested, although I have researched extensively multiple times to help others. That being said, I am still a little nervous, and I will tell you why. In the minuscule chance that I do test positive in Korea, my visa will be revoked and it is my guess they will stick me in a Korean prison for an indefinite amount of time until I can be deported. I do not want this to happen, it will cost me a lot of money and serious aggravation. I want to be %100 positive that I can be clean, here is my smoking schedule from the last few months:

    Thanksgiving- Smoked a quarter of chronic with my cousins
    December- Smoked roughly a half by myself and maybe another half with various friends at times I cannot recall exactly.
    January - Smoked 2 grams for NYE and that weekend
    Saturday January 9th- January 14 3.5 grams split with 2 of my cousins
    It is now January 21st and I haven't smoked since the 14th.

    Between August and December I was a regular average smoker, not always smoking but never clean. I was clean in the summer for at least one month straight.

    I weigh about 205lbs and I am over six feet tall. I exercise regularly but I have a bit of a beer belly. My main questions is this: If I continue to exercise daily, cut out bad foods and alcohol, and live a normal life, will I be clean? Naturally I intend to test myself before I leave just for peace of mind, but if I will not be clean I can probably postpone my departure date. I apologize for the millionth drug test thread, but I am a little worried. Thanks in advance.
  2. go look up how to pass a DT, you can get clean with niacin pills in a matter of days
  3. I know dude, research was basically my major in college. I really was hoping that someone would have some primary experience with Korean drug tests.
  4. somehow i doubt there any different then a american one?:confused::confused:
  5. I sure hope not, I cant even imagine how unforgiving the Korean justice system is. Weed is so not cool there.

  6. Nope, korea sanctioned a special research division of the govt to develop an alternate method of drug testing.. as peeing in a government building is illegal, and doctors cannot legally speak with government officials per fear of bribes. Korean drug tests are 1.3x as effective as american tests and use fingernail clippings or skin samples for testing.
  7. Drink water, start running, take detox.

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