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Yet another drug test question. . .

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by mrjiggyfli34, May 4, 2011.

  1. Hey everyone,

    I know many of you will respond to this post with 'do research man', and i will let you know that for the past month or so i have. . . and based on my situation, i believe i would have no problem passing a drug test in this case, and simply would like to hear other opinions :). Thanks!

    OK, so i quit smoking for 16 days for a urine drug test, right? Here is where i think im different. . . I have a very organic diet, a very low body fat, and a pretty high metabolism. Along with those factors, i will say that i exercise 4 times a week pretty hard and seriously (body builder). I have a high protein and low fat diet also, eating no 'fatty' or unhealthy foods. For the couple weeks prior to me actually stopping, i would not smoke for 3 days, smoke for 3 days, not smoke for 2 days, smoke for 2 days etc. . . so i did cut down my dose as compared to my everyday use before that. So in total, i had approximately 2 weeks of lowering my dose, and a little over 2 weeks of no smoking. When it came time or my test, i still used the 'flushing out' method for the night before and the day of. I already drink 16 oz. of Green Tea regularly anyways, so i thought that was a very good part in my normal diet to help me with my test. The night before, i drank around 40 oz. of water, peed 3 times before going to bed lol, all clear. That morning, about 16 oz (if not more) of green tea, and about 40 oz. of water, peed clear several times before my test. Along with that i also regularly take complex B pills, and took 2 the day before ( 1 is recommended dose) and 2 the day of. So my urine was yellow and not clear. Based on all this, i believe that i would have had no problem passing this test. . . What do yall think?

    Crossing my fingers!
  2. I would bet my life that you pass.
  3. hahah word man.. thanks brother

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