Yet another CO2 thread

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  1. So I have a 14x16x8 room = 1792 cuft and I have a CO2 generator with an 11 cuft output so I need to run it for about 15 mins to bring the room up to 1500 ppm.

    I dont have a ppm monitor yet so this will be rigged via timers.

    Now for the actual question: how often should I turn it on throughout the light cycle??

    once every 2 hours?

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    Ok so I sort of answered my own question. I think I'll set up the timer like so:

    |CO2 ON |----------CO2 OFF----------|
    |---------|---------|---Exhaust ON----|
    15 mins |15 mins |15 mins |15 mins| Repeat

    Every hour.


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