Yet Another Budget Rubbermaid Grow- Pics

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  1. What's up Grasscity?

    I've joined what seems to be an armada of newbies trying out the rubbermaid/ cfl design. I know that I'm not particularly original, but it seemed like the best option for my situation, plus I really wanted a project to work on :D.

    Anyways, aside from that, let me preface this journal with a few disclaimers:

    1. I am NOT a professional grower, designer, electrician.
    So please, if you do have advice for me, make it constructive instead of defamatory. I really would appreciate it. This also means I'd like for you to keep in mind that I don't have much skill in these fields other than average to below average, so anything too complicated isn't going to help

    2. I am on a budget.
    So don't start throwing me idea that are going to cost me a load of money. I hardly have ANY at all, so only suggest things that are PERTINENT to the survival of the plant. I'm not looking to maximize yields or anything, I'm just sort of messing around, and I'm hoping that the strain on my budget is over with.

    3. I have limited time
    I do have a life outside of growing, so please no suggestions involving things which will suck my time up, I have work to freakin' do, also :p

    Now that the unpleasantries are out of the way, lets get started.

    I followed latro's design here, on a smaller scale and with a few things taken off that I
    A. Couldn't afford
    B. Didn't want to deal with

    My supplies are as follows:

    (2) 18 gal Rubbermaid storage bins $15
    (1) Roll of White Duct Tape $3.50
    (2) Rolls of foil tape $12
    (2) Clamp Lamps $6
    (2) Socket Splitters $5
    (4) 26 Watt CFL Bulbs $20
    (1) Power Strip (Already Had)
    (1) 120 mm Computer Fan $20
    (1) 6v Adapter (Already Had)
    (1) Light Timer (Already Had)
    (1) Extension Cord (Already Had)
    (1) L-shaped PVC Pipe $1
    (30) Zip Ties $1

    Total: $83.50

    To reduce the strain on my wallet, I had my friend Emblazened pay for half, in return he'll be receiving half of whatever weed I grow.

    I'm also pretty sure that I bought a few more things.. but I can't seem to think of them in regards to necessary additions to the box. For construction see Latro's design (link above), there's no reason to post the two when they're so similar.

    I have my first sprout today! So we'll see how it goes. I'm planning to LST and maybe top the plant to see if it can handle it- this first grow is sort of a guinea pig, so I'm not afraid to kill a plant if its all part of the learning curve!

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