Yet again...Male or Female?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by ancible, Apr 7, 2006.

  1. I took these with a digital camera through a magnifying glass. Best i could get.

    16" at 40 days

    This is a back shot of what i assume to be a male preflower. I couldn't get it in focus but i also have a SINGLE string coming on the other side of the same node. I figure its a hermi?
  2. i would say female now but i still think its too soon to tell.
  3. Really? I have heard male flowers described as 'horns'.

    Whatever it is has been around for a while, (about 1.5 weeks) and no sign of hairs.
  4. That picture is kinda trippy, I'm gonna be staring at it while I'm high now. Other than that, can't tell, I don't see any balls, but they could just not be developed.
  5. heh, glad to help out.:smoke:
  6. I don't think you can tell yet. Did you switch to the 12/12 cycle for flowering?
  7. Yeah, about a week ago.

    I guess whats getting me is that i have never seen a preflower like this. Has anyone else
    seen one like this before?

    Both you guys said that its too early so i guess you have had one of these on a plant,
  8. My female plant has many of these, they have 2 little hairs coming out of them on my plant. Not sure what they are?

    I also have lots of buds growing with white hairs :D
  9. Well i guess everyones leaning toward female. Thanks to everyone who helped out.
  10. i believe they are the calyxes? pre flowers and flowers come out of RIGHT in between the nodes, correct me if im wrong as im not sure becasue the pic is a lil blurry, but isnt that the normal position of calyxes?
  11. too early to tell, give it some time, patience is a virtue!..........annoying as fuck, but a virtue all the same........Peace out.....Sid
  12. oh my oh my oh my..... newbies what a trip..... first of no pre flowers yet.... those are on EVERY plant here is some pics I took of my Male and of a Female so when the time comes you'll KNOW


  13. Sidious!!!!
    Where the hell have you been man? How have you been? Long time no hear. Ladies and gentlemen meet one of the most advanced growers I know. Glad to see you back up on the board man. Anyway, as Sid said, it is too early to tell the sex of your plant.
  14. Cool. THATS what i needed to hear (minus the patronization :))

    Thank you, comedykills.

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