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  1. At work not busy .. typical monday. I get a call and was asked to go on break and come toke.. so i ask my boss jay can i go on break he says ya i clock out and peace for a 30 in break.. theres 4 of them out back and there blazin right next to the office door .. well we didnt expect jay to come out the office back door cause he doesnt smoke cigs and its raining out so no reason for him to /.

    well jay decides to move his car in the middle of our smoke ses and tells us were not aloud to hanoug in the parkinlot and to leave (we all work there everyone wasnt workin but me tho) so im duckin down i dont think he sees me and we drive off and after my 30 min break is over i clock back in ..

    i get back to my dish area and see there were oonly 10 plates from time i left .. quickyy cleand them and went to ask jay to order me food..

    so i go up to him and im BLAZED OUT OF MY MIND and im like 'can i.. (studder) can i (studder) .. (i take a deep breath) can i order some food' and he just stairs at me and hes like ya sure w/e ..

    so were standin at the register and hes puttin in my order for a 3stack of chocochip pancakes (mmm!!) and hes like 'you kno you got an advantage to having long hair.. i cant see your eyes to tell if your high' and i just stand there and make like a aquard laugh (like a short hah..)

    it was SO fuckin akward ..(dont think he cared tho.. he used to smoke i kno that but not nemore)
  2. that's cool. at least he wasn't a dick about it.

    i used to work in the deli of the grocery store down the street from my house and they would always make me unpack meat in the freezer for like 1-2 hours straight.

    the only advantage, the freezer eliminates all odors, so i would smoke like 4-5 chillums in there, and come out when i was finished so unbelievably blazed.

    then i would make a sandwich, for free from the deli, and go on break and munch down.
  3. ahaha nice! i kno waht u meen in the freezers how no smell too (friendlies had them back when i was there) now at perkins heh!
  4. Perkins has awesome muffins.

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