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  1. I just wanted to share all of what I did yesterday, because I did a lot and it was all pretty fun.

    So at the beggining of the day, my dad gives me 10 bucks (not much I know) but still, I was happy I had 10 extra bucks, so I thought "Why not buy a dime later?" So the day is going by, I'm at school and it's third period. Theres a dealer in my class and I ask him if he could get me a dime of some of this grapefruit chronic he had yesterday (smoked a bowl and was BLOWN). Unfortunatly, he didnt have any left.

    So I decided to skip 4th period and just chill. During this time, I checked my pockets and found about 2 bowls of the leftover grapefruit from thursday. Score! So I went and smoked some friends out and matched a bowl with another friend. So the day is going by and school ends, I'm still high, and I decide to take my bus home. One of my good friends says "Hey wanna chill at your house and smoke?" I didnt have any bud but then he told me he had 10 bucks. Well, I still had my ten bucks so we go over to my house and hit up my other dealer to find he has bud! So we both pick up dimes for ourselves, and a friend walks by us on our way back to my house and says "I have a bong, wanna smoke?" So we go into the local bush and smoke 3 bowls out of it. My other friend calls and says he wants to meet me at this HUGE park near my house and smoke some bud. He has hella other kids with him so me and my friend catch the bus and head over to the park. Well, we got there and it took FOREVER to find all these guys b/c this park is so big you dont even know. Well, when we do, we head over to this big clearing in the park and smoke about 3 bowls. I was highhhhhhh. The guys there were kind of a buzzkill cuz they were freaking out the whole time, so me and my friend decided to leave. On our way out, we walk through the biggest, open field you ever saw. You can see forever in this field. Its huge. It tripped us out, and we were just trippin like hell walkin through this. I WAS SO FUCKING HIGH. Anyway, we catch the bus and go back to my house. I'm completly dry on cash now, so I grab a couple of Mcdonalds gift certificates! The closest Mcdonalds is pretty far away, but we are so hungry we decide to go there anyway. It was kind of like "Harold and Kumar go to White Castle". When we do get there, we eat. A LOT. By the time we were done I realize it's like 8:00. I gotta get home. So I say peace to my friend, and wait what seems like an hour for the bus to come. I finnally get home, and eat even more when I do. Anyway, that was my friday, and it kicked ass. Oh and in a few minutes Im gonna head up to the local beach and smoke more!
  2. Haha, nice, those days are the best..i love when those days happen lol..

    My friday was alright, i got up early before school smoked a couple bowls, went to computer class and watched Harold and Kumar haha, i was laughin my ass off haha...Then i went home for lunch, ate a turkey sandwich, went downstairs did 4 pails than went back to school and we watched Othello in grade 12 english (GAY!), so boring, i fell asleep and we have a test on monday so im gonna fail haha..

    Anyways, i got home after school my buddy came over we blazed some bowls outta the hookah, went to the beer store got a 40 of Canadian, dropped it off at ma house, then went down to my cousins house cause he just got back from a florida trip and had 2 cases of beer from the US so we got bombed and ripped maddd bowls, he had a QP and just kept packin haha, than his dealer showed up and gave out some free Coke so we did a couple rails, than we took off to come back to my house and drink the 40's, so we got back funneled the 40's and smoked outta the hookah some more and proceeded to chill in the hottub for 2 hours haha..
  3. NICE. Haha, days like that are the shit. Then thinking back on everything you did the next day, and you parts of it are kind of hazy, and you realize thats because you were so fucked up!
  4. Lol damn, sounds like you had a nice time. How good is grapefruit chronic anyway? Are there a lot of smokers in Seattle?
  5. why did u have to go home at 8?

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