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  1. I got soooo high with my friend at my place, and before that I had drank some whiskey aswell , i have never been that high in my life :D And yesterday I asked my friend while stoned: "Why are you eating me with your eyes?" :D

    Right now it feels so dumb.... Probably the dumbest thing I Have ever said while stoned :D
  2. Cool story bro.
  3. Hey man I know you like cool storys so I'm putting a cool story inside your ..
  4. You should've took the time to make the meme :(
  5. its about the image it puts in your head, damn your instant satisfaction hardwired mind.
  6. Hey hey hey. It just isn't the same. I can hear a song in my head all day, put there's nothin like throwin on some headphones and hearin the real deal. I know I'm not weird. If I am, I'm not the only one

    :laughing: Always wanted to use that one
  7. Cracks me up every time. I fuckin love that sloth

    But yeah, higness. If I were high I'd probably die laughing at that damn sloth. Sure I said some dumb shit high too tho
  8. Best story I've read all day. I just woke up.
  9. God damn I'm sick of these threads.

    "I got high, then I was really high. I must tell grasscity!"

    Like no shit bro you smoked weed!
  10. What kind of Whiskey?

  11. If you don't want to read about people getting high, don't go to GC..simple.:rolleyes:
  12. To be fair, General is to talk about things that don't fit in other sections. Meaning this should be a section that there actually isn't any talk of weed.
  13. Never thought I'd see that in a post of yours;)
    Good point though.
  14. Oh god how could you do this to me op..... I feeel like hanging myself now because of this thanx a lot.
  15. wow, this dude is a total lezbo

  16. Grants Whiskey.... not that good but it aint bad either. atleast its working.

  17. how come is this possible... U know what... im still drinking whiskey but im out of whiskey and only got few euros what am i about to do now ???? go to shop and buy beer what costs only 1eur per 0.33....
  18. I like drinking before smoking. But congratulations on your discovery.

  19. thanks. :)

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