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  1. Is this ready I've never done this before and dont want to over grow these babies. It seems all the pistols have gone amber but the trichs still seem to be milky without using a microscope. I tried to get some good pics but the mosquitoes are eating me alive out there! 20190619_133328.jpg 20190619_133411.jpg 20190619_133335.jpg 20190619_133432.jpg
  2. Definitely NOT ready. And it looks like you need something for pests.
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  3. Good that's a relief I was hoping it'd get a little bigger before ready. Do you have any idea how much longer I think it's been about two months almost (black jack auto) and yea I know I just dosed them with some neem oil and bt the bugs are really bad where I'm at and this is my first time just tryna get the hang of things:love-m3j:
  4. Nope. Some of the plants on my recent crop had all brown/orange pistils by week 6, still didn’t ripen until week 11
  5. What do you mean by "ripene" and how do you know when said bud is ripen?
  6. If you're not putting out more pistils then basically they are done growing bigger. The calyces may fatten up a little more but when all the pistils are dried up you have about whatever you're going to get. I chop when my trichs are cloudy and I only see a few amber but I guess that's a matter of preference.
  7. Is it pretty easy to notice the shift in color without using a microscope? I have one just wondering if I'll notice it with the naked eye before having to look closer

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