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  1. %)

    THe percent smiley. He represents something different to us all. To me, he represents BEING FUCKING BLAZED. %)

    This is a random story that wont go anywhere just to prove how out back, grass uncle stoned I am.

    Grass uncle? Yeah, this is the story of the Grass Uncle. One day I was a stimly blittle of a bonkers when I heard but TWO TAPS on my door. TAP (one). Two taps sounded in succession. TAP (two). I waited for the third knock. Surely there must be three. There are always three. Three magic wishes-three strikes and you're out-three ways to die. So which will it be? Door number one, door number two, or door number three? The decision made here can and WILL influence your further options. With each wrong answer you lessen your chances of surviving this ordeal.

    I ask you, which door do you choose?
    (answer me)
  2. Hmm...I wouldn't choose door #1 because I am not the type of person to jump on the first opportunity offered to me. Door #2 may peak my interest and could be the one. However, door, I think that I will choose door #3. The last one is generally the best for me. #3 has always worked out well as a choice, in the past, so I will go with #3!!!!
  3. You open the door and your step inside your own rage. The walls are bleeding with anger and you can feel the negative energy flowing into your mind. The white hot flames of hate surge forward, consuming your mortal form, and there is only blackness. Eons pass. You open what you thought to be your eyes. The year is 3052, you have been kept alive despite your insanity, for the purpose of study. Panic washes over you when you look at your limbs to find only metal. Circuits, wires, electrons. Your thought process is only a shadow of your previous mental ability. The programmers that migrated your consciousness to this new form took the liberty of eliminating abstract thought from your mind. They decided sexual drive was no longer a necessary function. Creativity is unnecisary. Love? Love is obsolete in this world of mass produced life. Love is only a vague concept of unity to you now. It holds some deeper meaning.....but what? Yes, now you are merely another mindless drone produced by the horrible biomechanical machine known as America, Incorporated.
  4. Thanx to RMJL for helping me not choose door #3.

    Therefor, being a middle of the road kinda guy, I'll take door #2.

    Hope I got this in before the buzz wore off!:)
  5. Yeah, door #3 fucked me!!!!

    That was a nightmare!!! Who would be evil enough to take away my sex drive???? Damn!!!!
  6. You open door number two. You step inside and are blinded with the light of truth. A general goodness and euphoria envelopes you. Inside this endless void of bleached white, there are hundreds of people. In appearance, all are identical to you. You must find your true self and put an end to the false reality collectively generated by your dopplegangers. Understanding that the happiness is all part of the illusion, you are forced to sacrifice what feels right for the sake of self-realization.

    (its still me, elementxero, but im at kronos's house)
  7. Hmmmmmm........

    I guess that's better than being a libidoless machine.

    Must go have a pipe and think that over.
  8. hahaha man everything is better stoned. Especially random posts on grasscity ;)
  9. which weed has the door behind it....cuz thats the one i choose :smoking:

 diggin up OLD stuff...j.just for laughs :D
  10. through the process of elimination, door number 1 has all the weed behind it.... I choose door number one with fingers crossed..... C'mon.....
  11. You open door number one. To your surprise the room is a vast white space for millions of miles in every direction. You realize that the door you have just come through has seemingly disappeared. It is then that you realize that the second you stepped through the door you began to travel light years per second, leaving the door in the far distance. You cannot fully comprehend the speed with which you travel due to the lack of anything but white. The ultra-pure, healing white envelops you entirely, penetrating you to the heart. The evil in your heart begins to fight it, veinly. The unstoppable, horrible power grips your mind, freezing it. The energy explodes from your chest, in streams of white light. Feeling your life slip away, you last thought is only of your lost mary jane, for whom you exist for. You watch as the pure whiteness fades to black as you lose consciousness.



  12. hahahaha, my soul is cached.... let's pack another one
  13. lmfao, i think you mean CASHED.


    cache Pronunciation Key (ksh)

    A hiding place used especially for storing provisions.
    A place for concealment and safekeeping, as of valuables.
    A store of goods or valuables concealed in a hiding place: maintained a cache of food in case of emergencies.
    Computer Science. A fast storage buffer in the central processing unit of a computer. Also called cache memory.

    tr.v. cached, cach·ing, cach·es
    To hide or store in a cache. See Synonyms at hide1.

  14. who the fuck cares how i spell it? go spell check somebody elses posts, loser.
  15. for what its worth..when all the weed in my bowel is burnt..i call it confusion there :D
  16. ok, after seeing the fate of others i'm just gonna hang around in the corridor here. i'll leave door no 1 open for 12 hours per day for teh plant i'm growing in the corridor here and will warn anyone i like not to go into the rooms.
  17. ..umm...can i just go out the door i came in?...or is there like a butt monster there or something?
  18. butt monster??? out here in the corridor??? argh! quick someone protect the plants!!!!
  19. I say we bowl up the entire hallway so nobody can see two feet in front of them. The buttmonster will chill out and nobody will care what door they pick cuz they will all be stoned.

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