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Yes I know you guys hate these thread but... TO BAD

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by planet eclipse, Jan 8, 2009.

  1. Ok so I buy my bud from a friend. I give him money and he goes to the dealer and buys it. Well I pay $30 for mids and I don't know if he's keeping like $5 for himself or something. What should I do about this??? But he charges $50 for dro. Also I he says I HAVE to pay upfront and if I don't like what I get then I got a problem....
  2. get a new dealer

  3. Problem is I can't. Should I try to found out who he gets it from?
  4. i guess you could do that, thing is its not really that hard to find someone who sells tree
  5. I had a friend who I was relying on for weed for a while. He's a greedy bastard. He won't do anything unless it benefits himself, but he won't tell you that, of course. I'm pretty damn sure, most of the time, he's pinched my shit or told me the dude wanted more for a qauter or whatever and just kept the rest of the money. He's an asshole for it, but I just never confronted him. He did indeed help me out in times of need, and I guess I don't mind much because he is helpin' me out and going out of his way. And he used to smoke me up like everyday.

    But yeah, I think you should find someone else to buy from directly. And if not, at least someone who isn't gonna rip you off.
  6. how can you not get a new dealer ?
  7. my buddy was doing that to me..i found out he was taking some money and weed too. so i bought a scale and started weighing it . once i caught him i told him and he played the part....i havent bought from him since then. i just went out and got my cannabis card instead. best decision i ever made!:)
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    30$ for mids isn't unreasonable and not unpropable, so i doubt your friend is pocketing any, unless youve bought this before and it had been 25... but dealers bump their buds up 5 bucks all the time. but, paying 30 should tell you that its going to be better quality mids.

    imo though i'd just get another friend to toss down 20, get an 8r and toke it all with each other and keep 2 bowls for yourself for the xtra 10 you pay.

    as far as fronting the money, see if you can just ride along with him to the guys' house and just wait in the car if you couldnt go in. then, brg your own scale and drop it right when you get it to be sure you arent getting shorted, or if you go in ask him to drop it on the dig for you. he may be a little offended or annoyed but if it comes up short, you know you did the right thing.

    and if you cant ride along, at least tell your friend to MAKE SURE it weighs, make it a point. tell him you have your own scale, even if you don't. i say that to make sure my bag will weigh - why would they short you if they knew you were going to find out, unless they had some balls and didnt give a fuck about you and wouldnt hit you back.

    unless the bag doesnt look short, then it probably isnt and you dont even have to cause any hassle, esp if it is great bud.

    dont sketch too much if it's your good friend. if your good friends with the kid, he wont take your money and fuck you over and go to a dealer that he wasnt good friends with. ive seen kids sketch so hard about fronting money and saying they didnt want to get shorted, when the guy comes back in 10 mins and the bag is straight and dank. so i guess just make sure you arent being paranoid.
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    Well he gives my shit sealed exactly an 1/8 when I get it. IDK if he is or not. He is good friends of my other friends. The thing is I can't since from now on Jan I have to be home schooled for the rest of the semester... So know contacts. I also live far from my friends, about 15 miles away....

    Well yeah maybe my mids are high mids. I am still kinda new..... But they do get me fucked up after a couple bowls. I did post a thread of what they look like. If you want a pic I can post it!

  10. uhhhh the weekends man ? just drive to them 15 miles isnt that far...
    or just find a connect in your radius it isnt hard..
  11. hes prolly shorting you, and keeping it for himself.

    i believe its called a "finders fee"

    i mean, is it worth 30 dollars? thats what it comes down to...

  12. Yeah every weekend. The thing is I have to give it to him a day in advanced but w/e.... The 15 is wayyyy close btw....

  13. No he isn't shorting me. I actualy got a .1 gram extra lol. But yeah I am new so I wanna know if my mids are worth that or if he's taking SOME money to himself....
  14. only you can answer that question.....

    is the weed worth it to YOU?
  15. No shit it's worth it. But I hear people picking up dank 70 a 1/4 where as I pay 60 a 1/4 of mids. I don't make that much money and would always be better to buy more....
  16. Just go with him to get it. Say you dont like fronting money, he said no, tell him to fuck off then.
  17. i can get a half of mids for 50 but i live in mass. idk about you but i would never pay that much for a eighth

  18. 1/4 of Mids should be like $35-50 bucks at most at that rate just go for 10 bucks more and get the dank for $70. Get better buds for 70, same amount and the high is better.

    The Dank will last longer cause you won't need to smoke as much.:smoke:
  19. So what if he's taking $5 for himself - he's taking the risk, the time and the expense to get it for you

    you should be grateful he sorts you out or stop moaning and get your weed yourself
  20. It's not worth it man.
    Find a dealer you can trust.

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