Yes! Awesome! My Life Rocks!

Discussion in 'General' started by SkeevyStoner, Nov 30, 2003.

  1. I have been dry for about 1 month. It has been hell. Tonite I bought me a dime of some dank bud tho. WOW. I am soooo excited. well, there's really no point to this post but to share my excitement. I am SOO HAPPY!!! I'll post later when I'm stoned. KEEP TOKIN!
  2. Kick ass!!! I hope you're stoned by now! :D
  3. i forgot to post last night when i was stoned i just couldn't remember anything. but i will tonite possibly. maybe ill talk about something deep
  4. ha ha

    that is totally awesome
  5. Lol, the dang stml strikes another victim. :D
  6. Nice :)

    I love getting a new stash :smoke:
  7. i love that first high when u aint had any for ages and your tolerance is really low and just one pipefull fucks u up, cos a few nights ago i had my first in ages and it was skunk an i was out of it, i dunno how many times i told my mate "no" before he started laffing at me it sounded kinda like "nonononononono" "BWAHAHAHAHAHA"

    wow that was cool

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