Yes, another SHROOM thread.

Discussion in 'General' started by rockingbird, Apr 4, 2006.

  1. Let's just say that I am interested in growing some shrooms. I have a few questions. I know that I can yeild A LOT more fruit from purchasing a spore print, (that is, if i do everything right) but I havent never grown before. So, I ask if i should just go with the syringe? Any ideas, do you think I should be able to handle the print? I mean, I REALLY need the money, to help my parents keep the house and whatnot- so i need a lot of shrooms. Second question: How easily can I get it shipped to me? Is it descrete?

    Help me out if you can, I dont want any random opinions or sidetracks please (yeah yeah, EVEN if you're stoned:) )


  2. This man speaks the truth!

    Shrooms are pretty easy to grow but you must know what you're doing and you must have all the proper equipment. This is especially true because you must keep stocks of surgeon gloves and disinfectant wipes. Every time you start a new colony everything must be 100% clean or competing bacteria will ruin your harvest. I also used a small refrigerator inside my closet to actually let the shrooms grow in. They were inside another container, but if they're in the fridge then they stand even less chance of contamination. Basically a controlled enviroment.

    All you need is a single spore print and more of the papers to make more spore prints and you can continually grow mushrooms. You will also grow more than you will consume, so I hope you're willing to sell a lot of that shit. The good news is that shrooms are easy to move. A lot of people like them and want to try them and all that crap so whatever you don't want you can make some added revenue from them. It worked well, but eventually I had more mushrooms than I could get rid of. The entire process is ultimatley exponential so you better be able to move that shit or stop growing.
  3. thanks a lot for that input... only one thing- a refridgerator? I know i dont have much experience, but i thought that temp. is very touchy and you want it in the low 70's?

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