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Yes, another drug testing thread. But I need a hand.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Highrightnow, Sep 25, 2010.

  1. Alright blades, heres my problem. Been toking all summer pretty much daily and since i got back to college I only really smoked weekends for the last couple of weeks. So heres the question, if i drink water regularly and exercise (run 3 times a week) and some cranberry juice also, and I have a very fast metabolism (must do as I'm slim) could anyone manage an estimate at how long it would take for my piss to be clean? I was thinking around 40 days?

    Appreciate any help on time, and ways to reduce it. I know I could use the search function but I have been very specific and think any direct replys would be far more beneficial, thanks.
  2. Dude. 40 is beyond enough
  3. Really, cause everywhere I've read daily tokers can take 45+? I'm not saying your wrong, I hope your right haha.

    Thanks for the input.
  4. Unless you're a good amount overweight and very unlucky, I agree.
  5. Well if anything im underweight bro, 19 (still growin) and I'm slim and above 6ft so yeah. Hopefully :D

    Thanks for the help.

  6. well in my state (atleast for the youth pre-trial bs) if they wanna make u take drug tests they have to give u atleast 45 days because thats supposed to be enough time for ur piss to be clean i dont think youll have any problems if you give yourself 40 and run and drink a lot of water
  7. from what ive been reading on GC, 30 days should be enough, but im a paranoid kid and would prob go as long as possible.
  8. Yeah, well this is a job but hopefully its similar to the laws you just mentioned. but yeah i'll do that:)
  9. what up man good luck with your drug test
    This question is for all of GC
    im getting drug tested next friday for usps but i havent smoked since aug 31st. Should i be worried that my piss will fail me? I smoked prolly 2 to 3 blunts of mids everyday since july all the way up to the 31st, im 6ft bout 175lbs.

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