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Yes another drug test question

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by NebDro, Aug 11, 2011.

  1. Hey city. I'm on probation, and I smoked two bowls of weed for the first time in about four months. I woke up and smoked a few more hits this morning. I know for sure If I'm drug tested, it won't be for at least 19 days. I am about 6' and only like 132 pounds. I'm really skinny and I'm not very active. If I were to be tested in about 19 days, would I be likely to pass, if I don't smoke anymore, and drink a lot of water and cranberry juice? Thanks city, any help appreciated.
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  3. Exercising isn't really hard. Better do them and be safe than sorry.

    Who knows-Maybe you'll like exercising and run everyday like I do. It's good for your body, no matter how skinny you already are :D
  4. Seriously you smoked 2 bowls yesterday and a few hits this morning? Even if you sit on your couch for 19 days straight you will pass, I am positive. I was in the same situation as you but I would smoke 2-3 sessions and then have a drug test a few days later and pass (because of a lot of water) don't bother with cranberry juice that's bullshit. Don't bother with it at all if you stay sober the next 19 days you are golden. I am also 6 Foot flat and 185 lbs

  5. Op dont listen to this guy. Hes a known troll.
  6. Bow to the search button, praise the power of google.

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