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Yes,A cracker question

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by Relleck, May 3, 2011.

  1. I made a cracker with some left over fire, put nutella on a cracker and sprinkled the .3 or so on it, then wrapped it in foil. Now I heard that leaving it out for 3 days will increase potency, does this mean I don't have to cook it? Or do I still have too?
  2. Well you can leave it out for a week minimum, 3 weeks for maximum potency. but you should just cook it at 350 degrees Fahrenheit for 20 minutes and you could just eat that. Maybe sprinkle like a gram on before you cook it unless you got a low tolerance but that would still be fun haha. enjoy
  3. A week minimum? Damn, I put it in yesterday and I was going to eat it Friday night for my bday saturday
  4. throw it in the oven then.
  5. Just eating it would not do anything. THC is heat activated, so you would have to throw it in the oven. Best is to cook it low heat for a while. Hope it gets you wrecked though :)
  6. not quite, as someone posted earlier (forget who), you can leave it out and the thc will be extracted into your fatty substance. heat is a catalyst, speeding up the process, but not necessary.
  7. That's right, I never took into account THC is attracted to fat. Thank you, Kind Sir
  8. If you use ABV, no cooking is needed. They work every time, vape lightly though, so as to leave some love in the remains.
  9. okay so i have to cook it :(
  10. yes i would recommend that. it only takes around 25 min and its ready to go. what wrong with that ? :)
  11. i would decarb it, put it in peanutbutter, and let sit. might work better, same way the avb thing is
    its basicaly vaping kind of, but in the oven.

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