Yerba Mate in NYC: The Social Catalyst & Marijuana

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  1. Hey everyone,

    Drank some Mate with one of my buddies the other day and recorded it. Wanted to share for all of those who have never had it, and the veterans. All feedback is welcome. :smoke:


    Also check out this article on Mate + Marijuana, also known as "Matejuana." :hello:
    yerba mate and marijuana
  2. you're back! :hello: :wave:

  3. saw a JimJoe handy in the beginning sequence.
  4. What is mate?
  5. It's all around NYC man. What do you think of it?

    Short version: Mate is a drink made from the leaves of a tree that is primarily grown in South America. Mostly in Argentina, Paraguay, Uruguay, and Brazil. It's also the national drink of a few of those countries. It comes from the Holly family, so it's different from tea. It also has more antioxidants than tea, and less caffeine than coffee, but the mix of all of its different minerals, vitamins, antioxidants, and xanthines makes it an extremely healthy, and energy boosting drink. When consumed with other friends, or strangers, a bond is created, and you can sit around for an hour or more just hanging out with people and talking about different things. When consumed alone, people sometimes describe themselves as calm, but with energy, and meditative. It's a very versatile drink, and very cheap to make. You usually drink it out of a gourd and through a filtered metal straw called a Bombilla. Check out Circle of Drink | Yerba Mate means Togetherness for more info, or my youtube to see me drinking it in other parts of the world. Sorry if this wasn't that short, haha. Thanks :smoke:
  6. Mate is the shit! My spanish teacher back in high school introduced me to it. Old argentinian fellow
  7. jimjoes been writing forever hes a legend now. he came through my town a few weeks ago. he did a huge handstyle on the side of this building. it was like 7ft x 20ft. hes been quoted before saying he can fly and teleport places lol. id love to meet dude he seems mad intresting. hes seriously got ups everywhere. the only person that has more work in NYC then him is probably JaOne XTC.
  8. Yeah, probably. There's a lot of people running around here trying to be the next Samo, too.

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