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  1. Hey yall....I am really considering upgrading my lights to QBs....yall out there that run em or know about them.......what would you suggest for this closest....its a 4x4....and how would I hang it?? Its the rack on the back and right hand side of the wall....and then the door frame ..any suggestions on how to work that?

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  2. hey bud!

    I really don't know anything about qb's but from the bit of research and suggestions of people on the site here.
    I think I'm picking 2 of these up in October when they are available in Canada

    QB96 Elite V2 Engine

    I have no idea what driver(s) to use either. its all kinda confusing
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  3. So many choices ...
    What's your budget ?
    How much DYI do you want to take on ?
  4. AGREED!!!!

    Those look nice.....those aren't Samsung are they?
  5. NO DIY....I want plug n play..period on that:love-m3j:

    Budget is no more than 450
  6. they are straight from the HLG website, thats why I'm waiting until October so I don't have to deal with Alibaba and China shipping bull shit
  7. Gotcha....yeah that's what I figured when I saw that on the site HLG...but ya never know.....ya we go again...:RoorRip:
  8. @PhenoMorph and @Tbone Shuffle were both beyond helpful when I was going through the same research about a month ago. I ended up with 2x “qb” 288 from kingbrite in Ali. I’ll try to link on my phone but I suck at phones haha - if not I will come back to this thread in the morning with a link, amigo
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  9. VERY cool...and helpful.....I appreciate thay my friend!:passing-joint:

    How long have you had your new lights? Liking em?
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  10. Almost a month. Yep, they are rocking!!!

    Don’t pay attention to the nute zap I accidentally committed on the kids last week lol....

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  11. Prob will add one more. I can’t get it to let me copy a link because the damned phone just goes straight to the app. So here’s the one with 660 UV IR etc. kingbrite got them to me in like 4 days lol it’s nuts. Central US.

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  12. The leaves tell me more air to the roots. Are you in at least 15%-20% course perlite and fabric pots or plenty of holes in the pot elevated out of the drain tray?. I can almost say no by looking at the pics.

    I talk plant. Your plants just said that to me. =)

    Changing to the new high end led setup does take some switching from the regular cycle. Higher grow room temps are key. 80 degrees if you can it it or 82.
  13. Did you take care of that guy talking shit about you the other day. Nothing personal but you got a good price on a used qb260 kit. 275? I paid $285 for my first one brand new. Nice sales work. LOL!!!
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  14. I mixed one bag of FFOF and one bag (8 qt?) of perlite, evenly filled 4x 5 gallon fabric pots. They are elevated on upside down milk crates with a small fan that blows underneath, a 42” tower oscillating fan in back, and a stain fan aimed down on top of the lights. :( I hadn’t even thought anything was wrong!! I’m not sure what else I could even do for better aeration?
  15. Crap my bad I didn’t mean to take this thread sideways :x
  16. No prob. I think I'd do a flush and get about a gallon or so to come out the bottom of the plant then feed it a 50% recommended solution 2 days later when it drys out some.

    I didn't like the look of that new growth. It needs intervention. Something is up.
  17. You have at least a 18" light distance to the main tops? Might want about 20 or so until it gets more used to it. Have to listen to the plants if they don't like the intensity.
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  18. Have been running them appx 60% at 18”

    I’m off on Wednesday so I will do a flush after work tomorrow, that way I’ll be able to keep an eye off and on the whole day weds. Dammit now I’m all worried!! Haha
  19. Honestly I don't know nothin' bout mopeds...

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