YellowStoned (AKA Dude I'm so Excited!)

Discussion in 'General' started by Whip Wap!, Aug 5, 2012.

  1. Hey Y'all. I love grasscity and I wanted to post and say that I am going on vacation tomorrow!

    I'm an engaged lady, and my (future) husbENT has been away on work. We are meeting up tomorrow to embark on an all day roadtrip to Yellowstone. I'm so psyched! My business is closed up, and I am smoking on some Mob Boss from a chillum, Sipping Blue Moon #3, and planning epic camping menus :D

    Please post back if you're excited for something, or if this stuff sounds tasty!!

    Food (cooked on a fire)
    Chicken Tikka Masala, Saag Paneer, and garlic Naan
    Iron skillet bison, Roasted mushroom risotto, foraged salad.
    Fresh trout, lemon beurre blanc, fiddleheads w. roasted garlic. Parsnips baked in ash.

    Baked Apple french toast
    nuclear green chile breakfast burritos
    Bacon, Eggs and toast

    Strawberry Kush (1/4 oz rolled into strawberry juicy j's for driving)
    Mob Boss. 2 nugs that weigh a 1/2 oz together. Blue glass pipe.

    Knob Creek, Red Wine. 9 mile hike, pay showers.

    I LOVE VACATION! Who's with me?

  2. I went to yellowstone 5 years ago that place is amazing. I climbed mt renevous in jackson hole i think and avalanche peak. its nuts seeing huge ass buffalo just walking down the road! i stayed there for 10 days and we went to so many differant places in the park i remember at this one campsite one of those deer things i forgot what there called tore up our tent and we had to buy a new one lol.
  3. You know, there is a reason why that deer fucked up your tent.
  4. Haha. I can't sleep, so I'm up smoking one of those strawberry j's!
  5. Chill stoner wife who's appreciative? You are indeed very rare and your husband is lucky, unless you're ugly.
  6. I was just there for the first time earlier this summer, you will have a blast it is very beautiful out there!
  7. Just be cafeful about consuming bison products up there, the free ones might plot an attack on you and whomever else has the stench of bison on their breath.
  8. That place is fucking gorgeous. Enjoy Op. Id kill to go back.
  9. Been there, it's beautiful. Good luck and don't get too close to the bison!

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