Yellowish and a weird spot appeared after flushing.

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  1. Hi!

    A many days ago my feminized auto plant started to show nitrogen toxicity, A few days ago I was flushing with a lot of water. Unfortunately I coudn't set the PH and I don't know what is the PH of my tap water. I could check with ph tester paper. It show me 7, but I know its a rubbish solution.. So, the point is that her leaves were curved down, but it's been straight today. The claw still there, will it disappear later?

    My other problem: next day -after she got flush- appeared a yellowish spot on 2 leaves! Maybe I flushed out the nutrients and is it nutrient deficiency?

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    And in the same time I noticed one more spot. Its different. Its located on the top leaf and there was close the bulb (125w cfl) and maybe its burned the leaf... I'm sure it couldn't touch the bulb because there was 3-4 cm (1.5 inch) and never happened before.. Check it please:

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    Thanks guys!
  2. ye oit looks like it got burnt like you said ,,,the first yellow mark picture not sure what that is ,,,but unless it gets any bigger or you start getting y=the same marks on other leaves ,i really wouldnt worry ,,,,,,,,mac,

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