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  1. ok can anyone tell me whats wrong with this or how i might fix it. yellowing started off at the bottom of plant and few leaves have wiltied and died off and the yellowing is moving upward. the branch connecting the leaf to the main stem turns a purplish color before falling off. using distilled water now and have beeen for little over 2 weeks. have peters 20-20-20 and expert bloom 10-52-10. used peters twice during veg state and once during flowering and expert bloom once during flowering.

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  2. Looks like normal yellowing and drooping that occurs in late flowering. The plant is using up all the nitrogen it can.
  3. but its only been 41 or so days into flowering and the leaves are dying off, and whats with the purplish stems before they fall off. i think it might be a nitrogen defficency but not sure and dont want to add anything to damage it more
  4. Two comments:

    First, I've seen this kind of yellowing too early in flower before. I'm not sure exactly what it is, I agree it very well may be nitrogen being depleted too quickly or the super-high P bloom fert interfering with N uptake or usage. You need to go easy on that 10-52-10 stuff, but you used it only once so go figure. My best advice is just ride it out. You may not be ready to harvest in two weeks but go ahead and deep flush now then don't use any nutes from here on out. You may lose every leaf on the plant by the end but you'll still get your bud.

    Second, that plant has almost no branches at all. It's just a stick -- what happened?
  5. ok when flushing can i use tap water or what, my ph in the tap is high along with everything else (ph, alkianity, etc.) the branches died and fell off over time, being first grow and all i think i made every mistake i could.... have another one thats looking just fine tho. so i wont add any nute just flush and try to ride it out but what happens when all the leaves go will the bud still gro or will it take after the leaves and die to. and i was wondering could i mist the leaves and nothing else with a 20-20-20 foliar feed at say half strength or could that hurt it even more
  6. heres a better pic of the red stems
  7. ok heres another pic

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  8. If the pH of your tap water is wacked then get distilled water at the store, not too much $$.

    If this girl follows the experience I had with such early yellowing the buds will be fine but won't grow any more, your goal now is to try to mature and harvest as much of what is on there now as you can.

    Too late to fertilize, doing so would negate the flushing. The point of flushing two weeks before end of flower is that the nutrients in the plant taste bad when smoked, so you want to withhold any more nutes and have the plant use up all its stored-up nutes before harvest.
  9. ok so how much longer do you think i have with this plant, i know you cant really give me a time but just a guess would do.... thanks for the help toasty

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