Yellowing veins on plant, please help

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  1. Hey again guys

    I have a issue with a plant. Its turning a bit yellow. Here is a picture.
    What is wrong with the plant, is there a deficiency?

    Need help

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  2. Goodness. That plant isn't old enough to get a deficiency yet. LOL Let it grow a little more in that thing you have it in, then repot into something like a Solo cup. Actually, you would've been better off to start with the Solo cup instead of that tiny little pot, but it is what it is. You are going to need different soil when you do make the change over. These plants require a very light and arid soil for excellent drainage and ease of root growth within the soil. You'll either need some formulated grow soil or will need to amend some box store soil with at least 40% perlite before transplanting into it. If you use box store soil, be aware that it very likely can be "hot" (loaded with slow release fertilizers) and may burn your plant just a bit. This might slow it down a tiny bit, but it should come out of it and be OK. Give only pH'd water (6.3 to 6.7 range for soil grows) and when the plant is larger than the cup (wider and taller), it's time to transplant it up another size to a 1 gallon. Continue this process until you get it the size you want for flower. You don't give nutes until the plant has used up what came naturally in the soil, so if you repot as they outgrow the container they're in, you get fresh soil which is a reload of nutes and puts off your needing them for a time longer. We generally don't have to start nutes with ours until they get about 2 or 3 weeks away from flower...because we repot them and bring them up from smallest to largest containers. Learn how to water your plants too. They only need watered when the container they're growing in feels as dry as it did when you loaded it with dry soil. They do not like their roots sitting in moist conditions, so it's imperative that you allow them to dry out between watering. Good pH'd water, proper watering habits, good light and good soil should get you well on down the road in the veg cycle. TWW
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  3. Hello, thanks for good answer. When it comes to watering, the leaves on this plant has never been droopy, doesnt that mean it has never been overwatered?

    When it comes to watering when the soil is dry, should you water if the soil is a bit humid, but not wet?

    Ive got 5 pots that are around 3 times the size of these small pots, therefore also contain around 3 times more nutrients than a small one, should I replant in to a bigger pot?
  4. Hey. Ive now changed into pots that are 3 times the size of the small pots which also means 3 times the amount of Nitrogen-rich soil. Perhaps its a lack of nitrogen thats causing the yellow color. Because Nitrogen is important to create chlorophyll so if there is a lack of nitrogen, there will be less chlorophyll and therefore less green color.
  5. Oye, congratulations on your progress so far. Getting a seedling to start can be challenging, especially in the beginning. Hopefully your plant is doing better in the bigger pots!
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  6. I wonder, can Cannabis leaves get yellow veins if you overwater or underwater? Because it doesnt make sense, the leaves have (except one of them and only 2 times for a short time) never been droopy. Could it be because of too low nitrogen?

    And when leaves have turned yellow, will they ever get green again/will the plant recover?

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