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Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by gioc27510, Nov 20, 2014.

  1. Was hoping someone can let me know about my plants starting to yellow real bad on the new growth just started feeding last week should I bump up the feeding to half strength started out 1/4 strength 2 week in to flower

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  2. so you started feeding and then they started getting yellow or yellow before feeding? if sthey started going yellow after nutes then hell no dont up them! (less is more) check your ph mate first thing! id put money on your ph is too high (just me mate) you dont get alot of answeres on here so hope ive helped mate. but deff check ph feed them the correct ph just watrer for few days then let pots dry out/crack good to get oxygen down to roots then slooooowly start bringing in nutes! never use what bottle says less is more trust! :) good luck
  3. They started to get yellow so I figured it was time to start feeding 1/4 strength my solution was 6.8 I was looking at the stickies there was a picture looking almost exactly like mine it said to cold Temps wich could make sense that's my struggle right now two cold right now thanks I'll try that
  4. those aren't in flower from where i'm sitting. maybe just starting preflower
    i think you started flowering nute strength a bit early. i usually wait until all bud sites have been formed, then begin flowering nutes
  5. Looks like Fe deficit to me ... ph too high?

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