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Yellowing too much, HELP PLZ. HQ Pics.

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by Greydayz, Jan 1, 2013.

  1. i put up a thread on the sick plants section and no one has said a thing, It also has better pictures and im working on putting a link to it here. but i have yellowing rusting leaves and fan leaves 5 or 6 weeks into flowering.

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  2. What kind of grow medium you using??

    What's your ph going in?
    What's your ph in the runoff?

    Theres a link to the sick plant thread.
    Im using foxfarm soil with 400w hps, very lite FF liquid nutes. ph is 6.4-7 going in, i havnt checked the runoff but il do that tomorrow when i water them, and il take some more pics, .

    Until i get off work tomorrow check out the thread in the link theres some more pics if you have wana, thanks for input.
  4. around week 5 is when a build up of old nutrients can accumulate in the root zone/growing medium. not positive by the pics, but are you allowing any runoff to take place when feeding? in top feed coco, i shoot for no less than 20% runoff, every feeding, to help keep the medium rinsed of old built up nutes/salts.
  5. also dont the plants start sucking the nitrogen up and your supposed to expect alot of yellowing during the last few weeks of budding because the plant is using its stored energy reserves??
  6. Yellowing at this stage is perfectly normal

  7. Fan leaf yellowing is supposed to happen , but some of the flower leaves are yellowing and im 100% sure its not supposed to be. I have 2 triple og girls and one of them has a lot more yellowing on its Flower leaves than the other. And the one that has more yellowing has smaller nugs that are less mature. The flower leaves that are yellowing did have trich's on them and would of been the trimmings for hash but are turning crisp.
  8. it looks perfecltly normal to me
  9. Some yellowing is normal but yours looks excessive for 5 weeks. Agree with bznuts, you've probably got salt buildup and I think your runoff ph will be off (looking forward to the results). Are you using a cal/mag supplement?

  10. i just looked into what cal/mag is needed for, and from what i read its for basically really pure water , and thats what ive been using. so this might be the problem.
    I woke up today to a very droopy plant and quickly watered it and forgot again to check the run-off, oi. il have some new pics up later today.
  11. Beginner - from seed, after first two weeks the plants begin to turn yellow and stop growing. Using Manna Mix. Is the medium too strong, not adding any nutes. Temp around 72c T5 blue spectrum lights.
  12. Heres some new pics , the yellowing is still taking over one of my girls.

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  13. looks good to me, I've had strains start yellowing early. As long as your pH is on and the buds aren't turning yellow, you are ok. However, no amount of nutes are gonna revive those fully yellow leaves. I would cut them off to get more light penetration to your buds.
    Looks dank for sure.

  14. Maybe your plant needs food.

    Soil PH may be off if not.
  15. dont know if your still watching this thread and would assume by now you have cropped out, but for future grows I would just add that IMO, your ph is to high going in. I believe you said 6.4-7, this is too high and can negatively effect your nutrient uptake, causing leaves to yellow.

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