Yellowing plants in flower

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  1. Hi guys 2 weeks ago I swapped from Lucas Formula 6/9 GH micro bloom to maxibloom (7g per gal). Growing in coco DTW with automated watering system. I’m using a few additives as well Florablend, diamond nectar, calimagic. I flipped my plants to flower 9 days ago. Been away a few days for work and checked them today and they look like this. Definitely doesn’t look normal. What should I do?
    B9DE1766-A907-45A0-9133-8F3DE82AE16D.jpeg C75A1D00-D195-4346-A268-30752E04A931.jpeg B0122200-0B50-4105-BD14-C3C5F3CF3627.jpeg 9851E25F-855C-4AE8-83AD-F8E34224B225.jpeg
  2. I dont know what your "npk's" are but it can only be a "N" deficiency, this phenotype may be wanting more "N" than usual, and i dont see any other problems. Pretty healthy regardless of it's current issue.
  3. Check you ph 6.2
  4. I added some GH micro to my new batch of nutes to give them some extra N.

    Ph in was 5.8 and checked it going out was 6.1
  5. Photos aren’t the best. Plants still are yellowing. But the plants growing like crazy tho. So I’ve got no idea. Did notice a few damaged leaves possibly nute burn on the tips. Not sure bout the holes tho?
    811731F2-B0B9-4A9E-8282-70DA6ECD05C4.jpeg 7D7ADAB8-3554-465A-847D-515AF91FEA4A.jpeg 46EB7B88-9D49-42C3-9FFE-AA35B3668BE8.png

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  6. Photos with lights off tonight
    C12755B9-E95F-4AC8-B273-92C2447FCFF9.jpeg 9C4BF212-D58B-4C37-BC53-D4644ED9C290.jpeg 9D384386-93BA-4035-8F31-B432A2CB86D7.jpeg 85773B5D-3AF2-4DA0-BFD7-E685A0ED64D2.jpeg 98FABECA-AC47-460D-BABF-32A62CB58443.jpeg F099961C-6635-4297-BB92-40B88E0FEC9A.jpeg
  7. To me, that resembles a Nitrogen deficiency.

    When you first flip to 12 hours of light and 12 hours of dark, plants continue to have Nitrogen needs, so continue to give veg nutrients (mainly nitrogen) until about 1-2 weeks into flower.

    Good luck!

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  8. Looks like maybe a sulfur def to me. Try some epsom salts.

    Edit: Bah... Not really. Epsom salts are still good, but probably not a sulfur def.
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  9. Thanks mate. I had started using 2ml per gal of micro to give it some N. Just waiting to see if it helps

  10. I actually thought Sulfur to. I gave the plants a foliar feed to see if it helps.
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  11. I’ve got this at home would it be worth a try? And I noticed this odd leaf today the middle is yellow only on 1 side.
    3BAC9AB5-9396-4D86-BD1E-C9CFE41F3AC9.jpeg A33C8E0E-82D1-4E04-95E7-6A4BA89DD219.jpeg 48DA47B4-254D-49BC-BBCF-270AE7FB2764.jpeg

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