yellowing on new growth.

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  1. All of the new growth on the plant is turning yellow and moving down the plant. I checked the runoff ph and that came out between 6.5 - 7. I am using fox farm grow big. The temperature is at 73f and at 45% humidity.

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  2. nute lockout severe iron def,

    you need to get another backup PH reading, what are you testing your ph with?
  3. i use a fluid test.
  4. does your ferts contain micro nutes?
    and how exactally did take the soil ph runoff test, I dont trust the reading
  5. Yes, the fox farm grow big contains micro nutes. For the ph i watered the plant with distilled water and tested the water that came out of the bottom drainage holes of the pot.
  6. you also need to know the ph of the water going in
    water the plant, go back 15 minutes later and do a soil runoff test again & post both ph readings
    how often are you feeding? and what strength
    your missing one of the fox farms ferts
    The fox farms fertilizer system consists of Grow Big, Big Bloom, and Tiger Bloom. Grow Big is for veg, Tiger Bloom is for flowering, and big bloom is used throught the whole process.
    see chart:

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  7. I checked it 15 min later and it had a ph of about 8. I have the fox farm big bloom i just thought that went with the tiger bloom. i was only giving it 50% (1tsp/gal) of the grow big. I am giving it nutes every other watering, so about once a week.
  8. and there you have it PH is too high and nutes are too weak

    remove the plant from the pot, using the garden hose, remove ALL the old soil
    transplant into a larger bucket (5 gal) and use fresh soil and your plant will recover with in a day or so

    be certain to water with 1 qt of fresh PH corrected water after the transplant , and add 3 drops of SUPERthrive to the water for the vitamin B+ complex to reduce the stress

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